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FICO helps KeyBank "cut away the noise" to detect more wire fraud

Reduced non-value alert volume by 70% to 80%; improved productivity of front-line detection analysts; fewer false positives, more fraud detected and greater confidence among fraud team

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"We have around 30 front-line detection analysts who spend the majority of their day in detection systems looking at transactions," explains Michael Holloway, a Senior Operations Analyst specializing in fraud detection, strategy and performance analytics. "The team also includes managers, business analysts and investigators. Besides keeping our systems in tune, we're always looking at ways to mitigate losses from new types of attack.

"Using the FICO strategy design tool, we easily reduced our non-value alert volume by 70% to 80%. Now, we have greater confidence in our overarching strategy, along with big productivity gains." -Michael Holloway, Senior Operations Analyst, KeyBank