Optimization Software to Evolve Plant Processing at Shell

FICO Optimization Software to Evolve Plant Processing at Shell.

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Case Study

Client: Shell

Challenge: Create a next-generation advanced process control platform that provides plant-wide control of all operations, minimizing cost and maximizing benefits for each plant.

Solution: FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite

Results: Shell is able to solve more complex problems with more reliability and greater control, benefiting their processing plant operations. Implementing Next-Generation Optimization for Plant Processing Shell has been applying advanced process control technology to plants around the world since the 1970s. The Shell Multivariable Optimization Control (SMOC) application was used to design, implement and maintain advanced control strategies to improve plant stability and maximize plant profitability for oil and chemical processing. “The top priority is to operate the plant safely,” says Rishi Amrit, Process Control Engineer at Shell. “With advanced process control technology, we can determine the best values at which to run our flows and temperatures in order to operate the plant safely and in accordance with environmental regulations.”

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