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Future-Proofing Strategies for Supply Chain Disruptions

Crisis Response Approaches for Automotive Suppliers and OEMs

Webinar sob demanda

Como os fornecedores automotivos e OEM enfrentam interrupções operacionais significativas, o setor está usando todos os recursos disponíveis para gerenciar cadeias de fornecimento durante a crise. Por isso, agora pode ser o momento certo de olhar suas operações de cadeia de fornecimento de perto e se perguntar: "Somos tão eficientes e estamos tão preparados para o futuro quanto possível?"

Supply chain future-proofing is all about using the right tools and applying the best practices. Overall supply chain vulnerability to the national and global crises is a fact of life. However, with the right tools, you can significantly minimize the adverse effects on your production and distribution operations.

Join FICO on April 29th for a webinar specifically for automotive suppliers and OEMs and learn the basics of supply chain optimization, scenario analysis, wargaming, and analytic simulation. We will discuss how you can better prepare for uncertain futures and complex outcomes now. We will discuss how to solve for compounded supply chain disruptions using advanced analytics, data streaming, and automated software applications.

Through the crisis and during the recovery, there are ways to take action now that can help you balance out cost and risk, improve efficiencies, and make better decisions for In-Supply and Out-Supply in the long run, including:

  • Creating more automated, intelligent supply chain management systems
  • Optimizing logistics between your centers of production, and your customer’s
  • Reducing vulnerabilities of Just-in-Time production systems
  • Optimizing inventory and freight costs through consolidations and modal balancing