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Webinar sob demanda

How Predictive Analytics Can Power Your TPRM Program

Cyber Risk Mitigation, Continuous Monitoring, and Proactive Vendor Engagement

Webinar sob demanda

Como disrupções sem precedentes continuam a causar estragos na economia e na vida diária, muitos líderes de Gerenciamento de Riscos de Terceiros (TPRM) enfrentam um aumento nas ameaças cibernéticas e uma redução no orçamento disponível. Thus, sticking with the standard, resource-intensive processes is infeasible, ineffective, and-worse-often backward-looking. The good news is that it's actually possible to scale your cyber risk programs and protect your business more effectively with predictive analytics--watch this on-demand webinar to learn more!

Recorded with our partners at Shared Assessments, we explain how predictive analytics can drive both the efficiency and scale of your TPRM program, enabling you to:

  • Look forward, rather than backward, in your risk assessments 
  • Focus on the most important risk indicators
  • Easily rank-order and segment vendors

As pioneers in the field of AI/ML, FICO has spent decades equipping businesses across industries and around the world with advanced analytics solutions. This webinar covers all of the innovative ways predictive analytics can power your TPRM program.