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2019 Australia Global Consumer Survey of Vehicle Finance Perceptions


Australia 2019 Global Consumer Survey of Vehicle Finance Perceptions


No final de 2018, a FICO encomendou um estudo de pesquisa independente global com 2.000 consumidores de nove países para entender melhor as principais percepções do consumidor dentro da experiência de financiamento de veículos.

Given new and disruptive innovations such as driverless cars managed by artificial intelligence, a shift to digital experiences, and collaborative economy models with companies like Uber and Lyft entering the mainstream, new subscription ownership models, and it is clear that the vehicle industry is experiencing a tremendous shift. 

In light of these changes, the goal of this research was exploratory in nature and intended to look for regional and other differences in how consumers view the financing portion of the experience, as well as identify gaps in how the ecosystem of providers (banks, captive finance companies, credit unions, dealerships and start-ups) are currently meeting customer expectations.