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FICO Marketing Solutions Suite

FICO Marketing Solutions Suite

A data-centric approach to successful digital marketing

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A rápida evolução das tecnologias digitais e móveis está impulsionando o setor financeiro a uma era de agilidade e adaptabilidade transformadoras. To be successful, marketers must master the skills and tools to manage the influx of data that powers a customer-focused sales cycle. They need to consolidate data from a variety of online and offline sources to create a cohesive customer profile, make decisions in real-time and long-term over a customer's life-cycle, and interact with customers over multiple channels with a consistent message.

Digital marketers need the tools and strategies to quickly bridge consolidated datasets from inbound and outbound digital campaigns, set up and perform in-depth and predictive analytics for use in real-time engagements, and develop strategies for omni-channel communication with customers.