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Top 3 Benefits of FICO Master File Characteristic Library

for FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager Customers

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FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager customers know that effective custom models deliver tremendous benefits, but take time and effort. To find the strongest predictors, those that add directly to increases in a business’s profitability, modelers have an impetus to keep exploring and refining. Without any constraints, a modeling project can go on for weeks or months. However, modelers do have to work within business realities, such as important “go-live” deadlines, or with balancing staff resources across multiple modeling projects. Modelers also have to factor in the time and cost requirements for implementation coding. Even for highly experienced modeling teams within leading financial services firms, it’s not uncommon to hit walls presented by business realities, and be forced to make compromises. The FICO® Master File Characteristic Library can greatly enhance TRIAD Customer Manager with a highly robust analytic resource for model development.