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Basel II and III – What Does It Means for a Credit Risk Management?

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Today's economic realities call for a paradigm shift in risk management - one that includes advanced analytics that can support a more proactive means of quantifying the impact of customer decisions. In this webinar we will be examining a number of important developments and questions including:

  • ROE for banks has fallen below the cost of capital in many banking services at least in their current business model forms and cost structures through a combination of regulatory response (Basel III, Dodd- Frank, CRDIV etc.) to the financial crisis and the amassing of public debt. How are banks responding? What will best practice retail banking and risk management look like in 5 years' time?
  • Has Basel III caused a redesign of risk management's responsibilities? And a redesign or re-focus of responsibilities?
  • What new tools do credit risk management functions need in the new environment?
  • Can banks get back to making a sustainable and acceptable ROE? What are the critical success factors? How can credit risk management functions contribute?