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FICO® Analytics Workbench™

Collaborative data visualization, wrangling and analysis to produce the predictions and strategies that drive better decisions

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O tradicional workbench, com sua plataforma robusta e array de ferramentas ao alcance das mãos, permite que um artesão construa praticamente qualquer coisa. FICO® Analytics Workbench™ is the software counterpart for data science professionals. It provides an integrated set of state-of-the-art analytics capabilities to build better decisions. From this work space, you can apply a wide range of analytic techniques and algorithms, both from leading open source projects and from FICO’s own IP portfolio. You can write and run code in a variety of languages and you can ingest big or small data and then explore, manipulate and visualize that data, directly from the workbench. Because the workbench runs on Apache Spark, it can easily scale to any size data. And because it leverages the FICO® Decision Management Platform, deploying new models and strategies into production is fast and easy.