Effective Supply Chain Network Design and Planning

Overcoming Logistics Management Challenges in 2022 and Beyond

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Overcoming supply chain management challenges in 2022 and beyond will take alternative approaches, forcing organizations to become more agile than ever before.

In this informative session, we’ll discuss how to optimize cost by balancing trade-offs across sourcing, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. We will also cover ways to collaborate over geographic and organizational boundaries by sharing scenario analyses. We are drawing from decades of experience serving global logistics enterprises, including 3 of Gartner’s Top 7 2021 Supply Chain Companies.

Additionally, we’ll demonstrate how firms can:

  • Bring judgment into existing scenarios by quickly cloning and editing them
  • Centralize models and hand off derivations to planners with control and security
  • Scale and run larger models while simultaneously parallelizing solves, saving time and improving speed-to-results
  • Boost collaboration between teams working on the same model, whether they’re across the building…or across the world
  • Customize a solution by broadening access to the underlying UI and optimization model
  • Create global deployments with 10s or 100s of planners

FICO’s Supply Chain Solver (SCS)

Throughout the webinar, we’ll be referencing SCS, a cost-effective supply chain network design and planning solution that enables organizations to determine optimal sourcing strategies for manufacturing and warehousing facility locations.

Supply Chain Solver…

  • …is suitable for supply chain business planners; no Ph.D. is necessary, even for complex use cases
  • …has the most advanced business rules editor on the market; it facilitates easy modeling for various sourcing or distribution strategies, resiliency / business continuity planning, lane costing for multi-modal transportation, and much more
  • …provides end-to-end material flow analysis and the most advanced infeasibility repair capability in the industry
  • …can solve problems 10x the size of your incumbent solution, thanks to ML-driven optimization; there is no need to simplify your business model to fit into the tool

This webinar will be loaded with information that can help you immediately with short- and long-term projects, and it will be accessible for data scientists, optimization experts, and business users alike. We hope to see you there!

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