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The Power of IoT in Preventing Costly Production Failures

Are you making the most of your sensor data in your production processes?

White paper

Falhas imprevistas ou perda de desempenho do equipamento de produção podem afetar significativamente a produtividade, a qualidade dos produtos e as despesas de manutenção em qualquer organização de manufatura. It's also difficult to get operations 'back on track' after these failures occur. The good news is that, via the Internet of Things, intelligent use of sensor data, machine learning and optimization can help companies take a proactive approach to predicting failures and re-optimizing processes around them.

This Q&A with Dr. Michael Watson, Partner at Opex Analytics and Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University, discusses:

  • The evolution of sensors in manufacturing plants, and their increased use as costs decrease
  • How some manufacturers are getting more creative with sensor data – evolving from predictive to prescriptive (optimization) analytics to drive better actions
  • How an optimization-powered approach can help you not only better predict failure, but also determine what to fix today vs. later (or not at all)