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25 de novembro de 2014

FICO and CTOS Introduce World’s Leading Credit Score to Malaysian Lenders

25 de novembro de 2014

Kula Lumpur, Malaysia.—November 25, 2014—FICO (NYSE:FICO), the predictive analytics and decision management software company, today announced that the largest private credit reporting agency in Malaysia, CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd (CTOS), will offer FICO® Scores to all its clients beginning early 2015.

The CTOS-FICO Consumer Credit Score will be developed based on FICO's proven scoring modelling technology. The scoring model for CTOS is created by analyzing the information found in CTOS's comprehensive credit information database.

"The FICO Score is used across the world in more than 25 countries and we are sure that Malaysian lenders will benefit from this partnership," said Eric Chin, chief executive officer of CTOS. "We believe that by working with FICO, the predictive analytics and decision management software company, we will further cement our position as the number one credit bureau in Malaysia."

He added that FICO was chosen because of its proven track record and it was a brand and company that Malaysian lenders were familiar with. "FICO has been working with the Malaysian financial services industry for more than twenty years. We knew that FICO's vast experience in developing, rolling out and driving market adoption of bureau scores in different markets would be a boon to developing the market in Malaysia."

FICO® Scores play a critical role in billions of decisions each year for measuring credit risk in the banking, mortgage, credit card, auto and retail industries. Lenders can use FICO Scores to more confidently tailor their credit product offerings to the risk profile of individual consumers. In this way lenders can safely increase their market share, reduce their risk exposure, and improve their profits.

"FICO has been used by many organizations across the world to aid not only individual lenders but also their customers," said Dan McConaghy, president for FICO in Asia Pacific. "We expect that we will have the same transformative effect in Malaysia, especially as we are working with the largest private credit reporting agency in the country."

Leong Mun Tong, senior director of Scores in APAC for FICO, added, "The partnership with CTOS will help change the lending landscape in Malaysia as it will enable all consumers in the country to have a credit score. This will help Malaysian lenders assess credit risk more efficiently and possibly offer credit to a new group of customers. Using our innovative, multi-faceted modeling approach to scoring, Malaysian lenders will now have greater efficiency throughout the entire consumer credit lifecycle, from marketing and originations to collections."

Established in 1990, CTOS is Malaysia's largest private credit reporting agency, with more than 20 years of experience in aiding credit grantors make better credit decisions. CTOS is widely used by Malaysia's banking and financial institutions, insurance companies, large corporations, legal firms, businesses, state bodies and local councils bodies.

About CTOS
Established in 1990, CTOS is Malaysia's leading Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) under the ambit of the Credit Reporting Agencies Act 2010. CTOS facilitates credit extensions by empowering individuals and businesses with access to crucial information at greater ease and speed.

According to World Bank's Doing Business Report 2014, Malaysia is deemed the easiest country to get credit in the world (out of 189 countries). CTOS is proud to have contributed to that.

By providing information to credit grantors and creating transparency, CTOS inspires greater confidence in them to transact with parties they would otherwise know little or nothing about.

Sobre a FICO
A FICO (NYSE: FICO) é uma grande empresa de software analítico que ajuda empresas em mais de 90 países a tomar melhores decisões que levem a níveis mais elevados de crescimento, rentabilidade e satisfação do cliente. O uso inovador que a empresa faz do Big Data e de algoritmos matemáticos para prever o comportamento do consumidor está transformando setores inteiros. A FICO fornece software analítico e ferramentas utilizadas em vários setores para gerenciar riscos, combater a fraude, construir relacionamentos mais rentáveis com os clientes, otimizar operações e cumprir regulamentações governamentais rigorosas. Many of our products reach industry-wide adoption. These include the FICO® Score, the standard measure of consumer credit risk in the United States. As soluções da FICO utilizam padrões de código aberto e computação em nuvem para maximizar a flexibilidade, acelerar a implementação e reduzir os custos. The company also helps millions of people manage their personal financial health. FICO: Make every decision count™. Learn more at

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