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Rapidly develop optimization solutions that solve real-world, complex problems.

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FICO® Xpress Mosel is the leading analytic orchestration, optimization modeling and programming language that is available to anyone free of charge. It is extensible due to its modular architecture and efficient in processing mathematical statements.

Capabilities / Features

With a rich feature set of advanced tools, FICO empowers business users to make faster, smarter, customer-focused decisions.

Mosel combines the best of both worlds

It is a programming language and high-level algebraic modeling language allowing for easier implementation of optimization algorithms. Its notation is close to the formulation written with mathematical symbols on a sheet. It has been adopted in many practical applications, solving the world's largest optimization problems in banking, energy, airlines, supply chain and manufacturing.

Driving developer efficiency

Xpress Mosel comes with a powerful profiler and debugger and has the ability to connect to virtually any data source for reading and writing data.

Open and extensible

Developers can write their own packages/modules or use existing ones. Mosel connects to Java, R, Python and MATLAB® via a native interface that exchanges data in-memory. It supports solving of linear, mixed-integer, non-linear and constraint programming problems via the Xpress Solver. Connectors to other solvers can be easily implemented via the native interface.

Technical details

With a rich set of features, Mosel makes it easy to quickly develop optimization applications that solve the most challenging business problems at scale.
• Optimization problems are stated close to the natural mathematical formulation written on a piece of paper. This makes it easy to read, write and maintain the code.

• Complex features (such as distributed computing) are encapsulated in a manner that it is as simple as writing ‘connect’.
• Packages are loaded on demand to keep executable at reasonable size.

• Users can develop their own packages and use namespaces.

• Mosel provides a rich set of connectors making it possible to solve linear, mixed integer, nonlinear and constraint programming type of problems.

• Users can connect their own optimization solvers via the native interface.
• Mosel is a platform independent compiled language that uses its own VM.

• Supports various network protocols, which makes it easy to distribute workloads across platforms, Linux, Windows or macOS.

• Mosel can be embedded via its fully featured library API to all major programming languages like Java, C/C++ and .NET.
• Parallelization on the modeling layer and distributed/cloud computing are made easy to use.

• Make best use of your hardware through remote solving capabilities.
• Mosel comes with many data connectors, in particular native drivers for Excel, ODBC and Oracle databases.

• Reading data into model entities and writing them out into the various formats is easy and configurable to the various needs of formatting.

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With a rich feature set of advanced tools, FICO empowers business users to make faster, smarter, customer-focused decisions.

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