FICO® Decision Management Platform Streaming

Unlock the value of streaming data to make better business decisions.

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A Robust Streaming Analytics Solution

O FICO® Decision Management Platform Streaming é uma plataforma de processamento distribuído de alto desempenho que serve como fonte de dados de fluxo e batch. It is a component of the FICO® Decision Management Suite, a cost-effective and easy way for customers to evaluate, customize, deploy, and scale state-of-the-art analytics and decision management solutions. Decision Management Platform Streaming provides a fully integrated solution for any data — big data or otherwise — to rapidly generate powerful insights and precise decisioning from the most diverse range of sources. Decision Management Platform Streaming can import, normalize, and synthesize data from any source to quickly analyze the best data to generate decisions, enabling organizations to respond to signals in the data in real-time. It can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud for the optimal convenience, flexibility, and scale.


FICO Decision Management Platform Streaming delivers tremendous value to customers by enabling real-time insights.

Become more decision-ready, agile, and customer-centric

Decision Management Platform Streaming allows you to ingest and correlate data from a variety of structured and unstructured sources. Analytic processing allows you to extract meaning from the data in real time to enable insights.

Tome decisões melhores, mais rápido

It provides a single solution that makes data usable immediately across a wide range of decisions, reducing time to value.

Estenda as aplicações corporativas existentes e o gerenciamento de decisões

It provides the infrastructure necessary to tap into existing enterprise systems — Enterprise Data Warehouses, CRM, ERP, call center, and more — to quickly leverage real-time streams to dramatically improve decisions.

State-of-the-Art Analytics Solutions

By using FICO® Decision Management Platform Streaming, organizations can achieve superior performance and cost benefits. Utilizing public cloud infrastructure such as Oracle Cloud or Amazon Web Services allows customers to roll out improved personalization programs in minutes and realize value within hours.


Implementação rápida de soluções analíticas de alto valor


Processamento unificado de fontes de batch e processamento


Native support to operationalize analytics, rules, and optimization


Visually build, deploy, and monitor solutions


Enables organizations to scale to complex and different performance needs


Projetado para alta disponibilidade


Extensibilidade baseada em SDK


Interoperabilidade com aplicações futuras por meio de API publicadas

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