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Blaze Advisor Fundamentals for Java Developers | San Jose | November 10-13, 2020

10. bis 13. November 2020

Blaze Advisor™ Fundamentals for Java Developers

San Jose, California



Course Name: BA-205:  Blaze Advisor™ Fundamentals for Java Developers
Duration: 4 days
Delivery Method: Classroom, lectures, hands-on labs, group discussions
Target Audience
Part 1 :  Business Analyst and Developers
Part 2:  Developers responsible for creating and maintaining rule projects in the Builder IDE
Max Class Size: 12
Vorkenntnisse: Keine
Required Skills: Java programming background and familiarity with object oriented concepts

Course Overview
Dieser zweiteilige Kurs vermittelt eine Grundlage für die Entwicklung einer Blaze Advisor-systemfähigen Anwendung. Teil 1 ist sowohl für Business Analysten als auch für Entwickler, die Regeln in der RMA pflegen. Teil 2 ist für Entwickler, die die durch die RMA generierte SRL verstehen müssen. Die Teilnehmer lernen das Erstellen von Regeln, die Structured Rule Language (SRL), das Testen, die RMA-Generierung, das Lifecycle-Management in der RMA und die Bereitstellung von Regelprojekten kennen. Participants write rules both in the RMA and in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), generate an Out of the Box Rule Maintenance Application (RMA), and deploy the rule project as a Java rule service.

This course prepares participants to:

  • Describe Blaze Advisor architecture
  • Describe the features and capabilities of an out of the box Rule Maintenance Application (RMA)
  • Develop and test a rule project in the Blaze Advisor IDE
  • Author rules and functions using SRL
  • Generate and use an out of the box RMA
  • Deploy a rule project as a Java component


Topics Covered

  Part 1

  • Blaze Advisor™ overview
  • Using the RMA
    • Business Term Set
    • Rule Writing in the RMA
    • Decision metaphors
      • Decision tables and trees
      • Score model
      • Decision graph

  Part 2

  • Business rule repository and best practices
  • Business object model
  • Rules and rule sets
    • Using SRL to write rules
    • Advanced rule writing – qualified conditions and patterns
    • Best practices in Rule Writing
  • brUnit and Decision Testing Creating Templates for Decision Metaphors
  • Ruleflow and Decision Flow
  • Rule engine modes
  • Functions
  • Verification services
  • Debugging and performance tracking
  • Introduction to rule maintenance application
  • Lifecycle Management in the RMA
  • Management properties
  • Queries, project comparison queries, filters
  • Introduction to lifecycle management
  • XML and JDBC business object models
  • Intro to Advisor rule service deployment
  • PMML import

Note: Course content subject to change.

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