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Nahaufnahme von Händen auf Laptop

Erstellen von Anwendungen aus R und Python


Branchenübergreifend entwickeln Datenwissenschaftler leistungsstarke Modelle, um dringende geschäftliche Probleme zu lösen. In 85 % aller Fälle erreichen die Modelle jedoch nicht die beabsichtigten Geschäftskunden. The result is wasted time and effort, which jeopardizes the ultimate objective of transforming data into solutions.

Please watch this on-demand webinar to see how data science teams can stop this trend and start putting analytics into action. With FICO® Xpress Insight, it's easy to take any advanced analytic asset (such as an R or Python script) and turn it into a fully functioning application for business users. We'll discuss and demonstrate the ways that Xpress Insight makes this possible, including:

  • Creating a collaborative environment for data scientists and business users during model creation
  • Providing a robust yet flexible interface for rapidly deploying validated models in an application intended for the business user in business terms
  • Enabling business users to run models, perform simulations, compare scenarios and visualize outcomes—all within a single framework

With FICO, data scientists have the ability to empower business users to reap the value of predictive and prescriptive analytics–watch this on-demand webinar to learn more!