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Fünf Strategien zu immer intelligenten Entscheidungen bei der Preisgestaltung


In light of recent interest rate increases, a recent Fortune article states that "though the major banks are lightning fast at hiking rates on loans, they take their time in raising the rates they pay out on savings accounts." Banks are struggling to identify the inflection point for when deposit rates need to be increased - both for liquidity and customer expectation reasons. Many banks also have large deposit reserves, so there's little internal pressure to make a move by increasing deposit rates.

But how productive is it to only obsess over the rate environment, without the ability to know when, and how, to act? Is the current pricing committee armor only stacked with reactive options? What if your bank took a radically different approach and developed a proactive arsenal of strategies to manage margin and liquidity over the long term?

In this webinar, FICO Deposits Practice Leader Ashwin Gurnani will share global perspectives on effective, intelligent deposit pricing and liquidity management. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The fundamental analytic toolkit required for any deposit pricing organization
  • How pricing is a critical, but not the only component, of managing your organization’s liquidity portfolio
  • Best practices in balancing short term margin needs with long term liquidity
  • Effective answers for stress tests and other regulatory questions

Ashwin Gurnani, Deposits Practice Leader, FICO