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FICO® Marketing Solutions Suite

FICO® Marketing Solutions Suite

Master the new dynamic dimensions of successful digital marketing


Der wichtige Prozess der Wertschöpfung für Kunden wird zunehmend dynamischer und mehrdimensional. With something akin to the quick pinch that zooms your digital camera's view from wide angle to close-up, mastering digital marketing now requires moving fluidly between:

  • Everywhere data, online and offline. Today, you need to quickly bring data together from wide-ranging sources into a consolidated customer view, including linking online and offline customer profiles. This includes bringing together digital, social and mobile sources of data.
  • Real-time and long-term. Your inbound customer interactions must adapt to what's happening in real time and play a significant role in a planned customer journey leading to increasing mutual value. Real-time data should be used to adjust and improve your outbound communications and long-term plans.
  • Analytic insights and actions. Given the enormous amount of information (including streaming data) now available, your ability to efficiently extract insights to drive marketing actions is more important than ever. You need to extract learning from these marketing actions by rapidly analyzing outcome data to drive continuous improvement.

The FICO®Marketing Solutions Suite gives you all of these capabilities. It's an integrated set of products for marketing professionals that unites self-serve data integration, advanced analytics and omni-channel marketing execution. It also provides easy access to the cloud-based FICO®Decision Management Suite for industry-leading advanced analytics.