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Seeing Through the Rabble Rousing in Deposit Pricing

Seeing Through the Rabble Rousing in Deposit Pricing

Five real strategies for driving intelligent pricing decisions


Supercharge your deposit pricing with five key capabilities

Even as interest rates increase, there's more to deposit pricing than customer price sensitivity. Deposit behaviors are more sophisticated to analyze than many businesses think, while pricing solutions need to be examined under longer time period than are usually allocated. Taking deposit pricing to the next level requires a more thoughtful approach, leveraging the latest in analytic and technological innovations. In this white paper, FICO Deposit Practice Leader Ashwin Gurnani shares five ways that deposit teams can ramp up their deposit pricing capabilities, including:

  • Re-engineering your data and modeling strategy to support your entire deposit portfolio
  • Implementing a technology-based forecasting and what-if tool
  • Using optimization to help account for your customer/business constraints and objectives