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Avoid the ‘spray and pray’ approach to marketing.

Marketing Solutions Overview

Today, marketers are being asked to do more. Faster. With less money.

They’re on the hook to drive incremental business, through a variety of channels using targeted messaging.

The good news is, sophisticated, easy-to-use analytics and software products are making the days of 'spray and pray' a thing of the past. Now marketing can track customer behavior and predict what's most likely to happen next. Because of this powerful data, highly targeted incentives and personalized experiences can be created, and in turn, conversion rates increase.

Access the power of analytic innovation with FICO® Marketing Solutions. FICO unites data integration, predictive analytics and omnichannel marketing execution to speed the automation of data-driven marketing campaigns. FICO offers insights that can benefit any industry, from banking, to automotive, to pharmaceuticals.


Join the other leading brands using FICO Marketing Solutions:

Increase conversion rates by 20 % to 100 % while improving margins and customer retention with highly personalized omnichannel campaigns

Accelerate marketing decisions and actions with faster execution up to 100 % faster using powerful data integration

Engage customers in real-time across any mix of channels with personalized, risk-aware interactions