FICO® Collection Score

Accurately predict future delinquency of existing collection accounts – allowing you to make more informed, profitable decisions.

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Apply advanced machine learning analytics to your collections strategies to predict likelihood to pay

FICO® Collection Score helps organizations collect and recover more - by focusing collections teams on the right accounts. Using advanced Machine Learning algorithms, the score predicts individual behavior and the likelihood a consumer will repay their debt so companies can allocate resources to the accounts most likely to pay. FICO® Collection Score is currently deployed in 21 countries - and the latest US version of the FICO® Collection Score increases predictive accuracy by 15-20 %, and is particularly valuable for consumers who have recently sought new credit, and those with prior credit blemishes.

Technical details

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Expert models are developed when data is not available or is inconsistent, inadequate, or outdated and does not express the current consumer behavior or economic conditions.
Empirical models are constructed by analyzing the historical default performance of similar credit exposures. Empirically derived models are tailored to proprietary product portfolios, customer bases and in-country credit bureau data. Empirical models are built after extensive data analysis and, therefore, generally provide a greater degree of performance.

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