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Only 30% of companies achieve their digital transformation goals; FICO puts the odds in your favor.

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Digital Transformation

Today, leading industry analysts and top consulting firms are advising their clients to make Digital Transformation their top priority… urging them to reengineer their teams, processes, and technology to develop a 360-degree digital protective cocoon around each customer called “customer centricity.”  And FICO is a leader is helping firms achieve their transformation goals.

Enabling Technologies

With a rich feature set of advanced tools, FICO empowers business users to make faster, smarter, customer-focused decisions.


The leading decision management platform that unleashes the power of analytics and AI to enable smarter business decisions at scale.


The best way to get started with cloud managed services.
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How it Works

Customer centricity is the key to warding off would-be disruptors, while taking customer service – and thus retention and long-term profitability – to an entirely new level. It requires a perfect balance between business strategy, technical execution, and the right IT infrastructure: each collaborating to always empower, but never overpower the other. Failing to understand that delicate balance is the reason 70% of Digital Transformation efforts fall short of their goals.

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For more information on FICO’s Digital Transformation capabilities, please visit the following resources:

Digital Transformation Educational Webinar Series

Corporations around the world have trusted FICO to bring our unique expertise to guide their Digital Transformation.

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Digital Disruption, transformation, and customer centricity (Sponsored by FICO).

Centralized Decisioning

Creating intelligent, consistent, and auditable customer-facing decisions.

FICO® Centralized Decisioning for Banking

Helping financial services organizations make smarter, faster, more profitable customer decisions.

FICO® Centralized Decisioning for Insurance

Helping insurers make smarter, faster, more profitable customer decisions.

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