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Improving your insurance underwriting dramatically — without draining your resources

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Executive Brief

Whenever we survey the insurance industry on their underwriting software, a consistent complaint is that their systems lack the agility to manage decisions in a convenient and intuitive format, adding strain to the time and effort of making changes. The resulting policy decisions are frequently inflexible, unprofitable, and fail to meet policyholder expectations. Additionally, business-as-usual underwriting obstacles only multiply as companies try to expand into new regions, acquire competitors, and launch new products. Fortunately, there's a way to improve the insurance underwriting process and performance dramatically — without draining resources.

This executive brief outlines how centralizing your underwriting decisions under a single platform can enable you to optimize your outcomes quickly, without sacrificing significant time, money, and effort. You'll learn how:

  • Despite the common misperception, it's possible to fully implement a unified platform within a few short months
  • Modernized, cloud-based systems give you the flexibility to move certain business functions and processes incrementally, thereby controlling costs and disruption
  • Better decisions, better results, and a smarter, more sustainable underwriting strategy are all more achievable than you may realize
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