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Contact & Communicate

Create the experience customers yearn for with seamless omni-channel communications across the customer lifecycle.

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Digital customer communication management results across the enterprise

See how FICO helps deliver strong business results and better customer experiences for leading organizations across industries and around the world.


of loan applications are completed through self-service


auto-resolution in customer management cases


increase in customer retention


decrease in loss per fraud case


of collection dialogues are handled automatically
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Empower your customers to self-serve with digital omnichannel communications

Dynamic shifts are occurring in how customers want to communicate with the companies they do business with. Today’s customers expect personalized, fluid, convenient, anytime, and anyway interactions. Everything matters, starting with onboarding, changing a service level, experiencing a fraud attempt, or falling behind on payment. Meeting customer expectations at scale — with enterprise-wide respect for contact preferences — is step one in the digital transformation across your customer communications management. This is digital omnichannel communication. 

FICO® Customer Communication Services

The FICO® Platform — Communications Capability is a dynamic communication tool that offers the ability to provide digital customer communication and engagement with customers throughout the lifecycle — from marketing and origination to fraud, collections, and customer management. Never again will you be piecing together communications data from different systems to analyze strategies and compare results. Because it is a FICO Platform capability, you can optimize communication strategies to ensure your touchpoints adhere to customer preferences, apply machine learning analytics for more personalized experiences, and execute rules into decision making for a more consistent and satisfying experience.

An integrated digital communications platform turns decisions into actions

Use data to properly segment accounts, integrate a powerful rules engine and get help from dedicated industry experts. Use pre-defined best practices to digitally execute consumer alerts, enhance automated origination and onboarding, improve fraud management and compliance, and increase debt collection.
Adjust strategies for channel windows and customer contact treatments, using the embedded rules engine to perform segmentation, assign customer communication strategies, and control workflow.
Evaluate risks associated with different customer engagement strategies by improving decision making using data, models, and segmentation in a mathematical process.
Run PCI-compliant deployments with baked-in disaster recovery and business continuity in the AWS cloud.
Combine data-driven models, strategies, and optimization to uncover trends and insights that lead to enhanced customer experience and greater response and action.

Why FICO? FICO® Customer Communication Services is the only product on the market that offers the ability to digitally engage with customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Case Study

PSECU builds member loyalty and engagement

With omnichannel communications across the full customer lifecycle
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    ”The key point in attracting and retaining our members is communication. Customer Communication Services allows us to communicate in a way that is efficient and that our members relate to.”

    William Zysk, CCO — Credit Services
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    How it works

    See how you can make your business goals a reality and overcome your toughest challenges with a solution trusted by leading organizations worldwide.

    Talk to prospects

    Preconfigured, modifiable business rules, workflows, templates, and scripts specific to each lifecycle decision area. Engages consumers in automated dialogues via self-service, virtual agent, email, SMS, mobile apps, push, web, IVR, and human agents

    Improve conversion rates

    Customizable rules engine for customer segmentation and communication strategy selection to maximize outcomes

    Collect funds

    Initiate payments through voice, SMS, and web channels


    Learn how FICO solutions can empower you to make smarter, personalized decisions, streamline operations, and improve the customer experience.

    Collection & Recovery

    Customer centric decisions to enhance collections and recovery efficiency, effectiveness, compliance, and customer satisfaction.

    Customer Communications for Collections

    Resolve more debt with AI-infused omnichannel communication.

    Customer Communications for Customer Management

    Create seamless communication across the entire customer journey with a single enterprise platform solution.

    Customer Communications for Enterprise

    Intelligent digital customer communication management across the customer lifecycle.

    Customer Communications for Fraud

    An intelligent omnichannel digital customer communication management solution for low-friction, high-security fraud alert resolution.

    Money 20/20

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    With 60+ years of pioneering work in predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, FICO powers industries across the world with the most advanced science available.


    Create personalized, delightful customer experiences to build long-term, profitable relationships — all powered by AI/ML analytics and decisioning.

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    Healthcare insurance automation that drives smarter, faster, and more insightful decisions and benefits for patients, providers, and payers.

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    Create more value and higher efficiency by optimizing your manufacturing operations.

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    Retail & E-Commerce

    Meet the needs of the “always on” customer by optimizing the retail customer journey.

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    Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment

    The telecommunications sector is continually evolving, transforming, and growing at unprecedented speed to meet rising consumer demand for ever-more services in our increasingly connected world.

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    Drive business growth and customer satisfaction with industry-leading analytic insights.

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    Reach the right customers at the right time

    Are you ready to assess your potential customer needs and grow your business with omnichannel, digital communications?
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