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Protect & Comply

Take a unified approach to fraud management and financial crime compliance.

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Protect your business, your customers, and society from fraud and money-laundering.
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Fraud and Financial Crime: Detect, Protect, Comply

Manage fraud protection and money laundering risk across the enterprise and the customer lifecycle. We help fraud and compliance teams create the right balance between risk management and customer experience. Our innovative and explainable AI and machine learning combined with knowledgeable, passionate experts will keep you ahead of the criminals, reduce false positives, and provide excellent security and experiences to legitimate customers.  

How will FICO help you protect your business and your customers?

Whether you are looking to solve a pressing fraud problem or want to expand your financial crime defenses to meet enterprise needs, FICO gives you a holistic offering built on a flexible architecture to tackle your highest priorities. FICO’s solutions are powered by a broad portfolio of domain-driven machine learning innovations, all optimized to identify a wide array of criminal behavior, keeping both you and your customers secure.
Make sure that you don’t open accounts for fraudsters, and that you can meet know your customer (KYC) obligations. Protect your customers from account takeover, misuse of their accounts, and authorized push payment scams. Defend all account and transaction types, including credit and debit cards, personal bank accounts, loans, mortgages, and more.
Deploy AI and machine learning models to improve detection rates and keep false positives low. Enhance customer security and experience with rules, workflows, and case management to accelerate resolution for legitimate customers. Improve customer relationships with integrated two-way, multi-channel communications and alerts that keep customers informed, enhance information gathering, and automate processes for optimal protection.
Take advantage of a rich, constantly updated data lake from the world’s largest consortium of financial institutions. Our team of dedicated data scientists uses billions of tagged transactions to research, innovate, and deliver effective, new AI and machine learning models. With 100+ fraud-specific patents already under our belt, we deliver security through the most accurate models to prevent fraud, and you can be confident they are protected from degradation through the strength of shared intelligence.
Reduce operational siloes and inform decisions with shared access to contextually relevant data. Deploy machine learning with ease, to respond rapidly to threats and extend the use of AI to anti-money laundering (AML) strategies. Reduce overlapping IT functionality and streamline and automate case management to accelerate investigations and enhance customer interactions, helping them feel secure.

For over 30 years, FICO has delivered best-in-class fraud solutions that detect and prevent fraud and financial crime across the customer lifecycle. Organizations around the globe rely on our transparent technology and domain-led portfolio of analytics for their due diligence, helping them to meet regulatory compliance requirements and protect themselves and their customers from fraud.

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Case Study


Fintech innovator helps its customers identify more fraud, while reducing analysis time by 95%
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    “With FICO, we are able to offer a fraud prevention service with the best tool in the market and in a cost-per-transaction system, which is the most sought after by our customers.”

    Armando Junior, Head of Fraud Prevention
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    How it works

    See how you can make your business goals a reality and overcome your toughest challenges with a solution trusted by leading organizations worldwide.

    Build a 360 degree view

    Access all internal data sets and integrate data from third-party identity proofing and fraud protection providers. Transform all data sources to the appropriate format to extract variables and features.

    Run the models and rules

    Leverage FICO’s extensive library of patented anti-fraud and financial crime models, powered by our fraud consortium to drive insights.

    Make the decision

    Build rulesets and decision trees to make decisions based on the insights derived from our fraud analytics. Author new rulesets efficiently without requiring specialist IT support.

    Manage the cases

    Automatically assign each case based on your priorities to make the best use of resources and ensure minimal interruption for legitimate customers.

    Understand and learn

    Test different fraud strategies against each other before they go into production and only deploy those that perform the best and won’t have a negative impact on your system.


    Learn how FICO solutions can empower you to make smarter, personalized decisions, streamline operations, and improve the customer experience.

    Application Fraud

    Can you prevent first-party, third-party, and synthetic identity fraud and provide customers with great service?

    Card Fraud

    Deliver superior fraud protection experiences and prevent debit and credit card fraud before it happens.

    Enterprise Fraud Innovations

    More than 30 years of continuous, proven fraud-fighting innovation, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    Scams Protection

    Stop scams, protect customers, lower risk, and prevent losses from payments fraud with cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    Customer Communications for Fraud

    An intelligent omnichannel digital customer communication management solution for low-friction, high-security fraud alert resolution.


    FICO joins The Credit Scoring and Risk Strategy Association (CSRSA) on their annual event
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    With 60+ years of pioneering work in predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, FICO powers industries across the world with the most advanced science available.


    Create personalized, delightful customer experiences to build long-term, profitable relationships — all powered by AI/ML analytics and decisioning.

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    Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment

    The telecommunications sector is continually evolving, transforming, and growing at unprecedented speed to meet rising consumer demand for ever-more services in our increasingly connected world.

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