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Scoring Solutions

Leading Financial Inclusion Innovation for Over 30 Years.

People moving into a new home

Inclusive, Reliable and Trusted

Leveraging traditional credit and new alternative data sources, FICO enable lenders worldwide to safely expand financial inclusion.

  • Integrity

    Trusted to provide safe and sound credit risk scoring and analytic models
  • Objective

    Scientific criteria for unbiased evaluation of new data sources and their predictive value
  • Responsible

    Our data hierarchy standards maximize value, minimize costs and enable compliance

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Credit Risk Scoring Solutions

Make more informed and profitable decisions

FICO credit scoring solutions provide a better understanding of credit risk in lending to consumers and businesses.The introduction of broad-based credit scores by FICO more than 30 years ago has transformed economic growth in the US and globally — making access to credit more efficient and objective while protecting the financial stability of lenders by enabling decisions that limit risk.

Financial Inclusion and Growth

The FICO® Financial Inclusion Initiative is focused on the development of new scoring products, partnerships, services, and platforms to empower lenders’ decision making and financial inclusion growth efforts around the world.

Small Business Credit Scores

FICO’s small and medium enterprise (SME) scores for both US and international markets provide lenders with new ways to safely expand small business loan portfolios and grow profits while reducing risk.

Consumer Credit Scores

FICO® Scoring solutions form the basis of sound and fair lending across the financial services landscape.

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