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Círculo de Crédito

Círculo de Crédito

Ever wonder how Círculo de Crédito can help millions more Mexicans get access to credit?

Meet Círculo de Crédito

With more than ten years in operations and a healthy 45 percent market share, Círculo de Crédito provides data, custom solutions and valued-added products – like FICO® Scores – for banks, retail, micro-financers, telecommunications and government institutions in Mexico. Today, Círculo de Crédito provides credit information on 60 million Mexicans, and processes more than 150 million credit transactions a year from 1,200+ credit institutions.

Roughly 9.9 million Mexican consumers lack a traditional credit history to calculate a reliable score. At the heart of the problem is that there was no way to authenticate identity and associated risk for these citizens.  Círculo de Crédito turned to applying additional bureau data to build out a more accurate view of an individual’s propensity to repay their debt.