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National Australia Bank puts customers first and improves collections results.

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A leading Australian bank

When National Australia Bank (NAB) changed the name of its collections department to “NAB Assist,” it was about more than just putting a friendlier name on a difficult task —it was a recognition of the bank’s commitment to the financial well-being of its customers. NAB wanted to change its approach to collections and identify the best communication methods for each customer to improve performance while also improving customer satisfaction and convenience.

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Omnichannel solutions for debt and payment management

NAB had a desire to use analytically driven collections to automate and improve the dialer and SMS platform. NAB found its new approach in FICO® Customer Communication Services (CCS), a multi-channel, automated customer contact solution for debt and payment management. NAB automated 75% of customer contacts and as a result its net promoter score has skyrocketed and customers handled in NAB Collections would promote their positive experience to others.

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With FICO Customer Communication Services, we’re able to have the right conversations with the right customers at the right time.I recognized FICO as an organization that could really deliver in terms of its knowledge and experience, and I was impressed by the desire to follow through with helping us implement a new collections approach. FICO has been a partner to us.

Jonathan McCleery
Head of Collections, National Australia Bank
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Leveraging AI, ML and Advanced Analytics

FICO has specialized and powerful advanced analytics, AI and machine learning that are deeply ingrained in our decisioning platform and suite of applications. FICO takes a sustainable and highly refined approach to responsible, explainable and trustworthy artificial intelligence AI. It’s a critical element of how we operationalize analytics and drive optimal business outcomes.

AI, ML and Advanced Analytics

Advanced technologies for differentiating your business, beating the competition and winning new customers.
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