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Did you know?

FICO serves customers across industries, countries, and solutions.

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FICO by the numbers

Learn more about how we power decisions that help people and businesses around the world prosper.

2.5 Billion

2.5 billion credit cards globally are protected by FICO Fraud Systems.


95% of the largest financial institutions in the US are FICO Clients.


Founded in 1956, FICO has a 50+ year history of data and analytics excellence.


202 patents have been granted for FICO’s analytics and decision management technology.

100 Billion

100 billion FICO® Scores have been sold to date making FICO the most used credit score in the world.


3,400 employees and industry experts around the world make FICO a truly diverse company.


3/4 of all home loan originations are given based on the comprehensive insights given by the FICO® Score.


400+ retailers and general merchandisers use FICO products and solutions, including one-third of the top 100 U.S. retailers.


$90 billion dollars is saved every year by FICO products and solutions making FICO a world leader against crime.

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