Transforming Digital Transformation

While most companies are playing digital transformation catch-up, FICO clients are shattering their KPIs, delighting customers, and building ingenious new digital revenue streams.

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Real transformation takes a Platform

Ever since Forrester Research started publishing its Forrester Wave™ enterprise decisioning platform rankings years ago, only one has been named an industry leader every time: FICO Platform, the proven choice for achieving business-critical transformation.

FICO Platform synergizes people, processes, and technology

Empowering digital transformation across the globe


First year ROI for digital decisioning (Global credit card firm)
Greater proficiency by business users (Global bank)
Faster confirmation of transactions (Global bank)
Improvement in on-time performance (Global Airline)
Application development speed (Global credit card firm)
Faster confirmation of transactions (Global bank)
Increase in approval rates (Global processor)
Faster solution delivery (Global bank)
Revenue plan projections (NORAM bank)
ROI in 90 Days (US Telecom)
ROI per $USD spent (NORAM bank)
YoY automated approvals gains (Auto Lender)
Actual revenue versus plan (EMEA bank)
Actual revenue versus plan (EMEA bank)
Faster Go-Lives (EMEA bank)
Collections program ROI (EMEA bank)
Faster credit offer creation (LAC bank)
Decline in credit defaults (LAC bank)
Credit decisions made by ML models (LAC Bank)
Increase in credit delivered (LAC Bank)
Daily applications processed (APAC bank)
Instant digital decisioning (APAC bank)
Customers acquired in first 10 days (APAC Bank)
New customers onboarded with no manual intervention (APAC Bank)
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FICO is redefining success in digital transformation. Again.

Top business leaders told McKinsey that by 2026, half of their revenues will come from new products and services that they even haven’t created yet. Up until now, transformation was about catching up to all-digital competitors. Today it’s about business agility and innovation: outsmarting competitors and seizing opportunities before they see them coming. That’s why companies around the world trust FICO Platform as the foundation for their future success.

The highest level of transformation is “enterprise intelligence network”

The ultimate goal of digital transformation is to make smarter, faster, more profitable decisions that delight and retain customers at every turn. Our clients trust FICO Platform to synergize their customer information and human intelligence to create an “enterprise intelligence network,” the optimal state of customer centricity and applied intelligence.

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Leading North American Bank

Banking leader eliminates organizational silos, embraces centralized decisioning for a truly holistic view of the customer across the lifecycle
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Premier Latin American financial services company

Financial firm performing a digital transformation
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How transformation accelerates business competitiveness

Successful digital transformation results from the perfect balance of people, processes, and technology, all synergized around compelling digital customer experiences. Done well, digital transformation immediately results in higher levels of customer satisfaction, retention, and lifetime value. But for the long term, transformation built atop an enterprise-wide platform provides the foundation for innovation… achieved via the interoperability, enrichment, and continual optimization of customer information that powers next-generation products and services
Platform-based transformation lets companies implement a scalable decision platform across the enterprise to optimize and monetize the use of people, data and analytics. By optimizing leveraging all available information – fortifying human intelligence with AI, machine learning, and algorithmic insights – FICO Platform connects-the-dots and fills-in-the-holes in decisioning requirements to ensure better decisions at every point of customer actions across the lifecycle, iteratively improving over time.
Armed with both business savvy and technical precision, hyper-personalization enables companies to offer customers consistent, tailored experiences that are reached by, and infused with, deep customer intelligence. By maintaining personalized customer strategies, companies can more accurately predict and effectively serve their clients’ immediate and future needs, paving the way for cross-selling and up-selling. This is the key to raising short-term customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well and long-term customer retention and share-of-wallet.
“Data reusability” enables companies to continually re-apply and leverage connected decision assets to improve decisions across the enterprise for the complete customer lifecycle. This reusability gives companies the ability to incrementally build on their successes by enabling customized, targeted decisioning strategies that are consistent, transparent, explainable, and expandable as needed over time.
Simulation and optimization provides highly accurate predictions about programs’ prospects for success, giving companies the highest possible degree of certainty that programs will perform as desired when launched. By iteratively simulating, fine-tuning, and perfecting strategies prior to launch, companies ensure optimal, predictable results, to maximize success rate and ROI.
Successful transformers are bringing the heat of the marketplace into their planning and strategies by empowering business users to create and manage the strategies, rules and analytics that drive decisions and actions without IT oversight. This tandem approach combines the “book smarts” of the technology organization with the “street smarts” of business users, to swiftly respond to shifts in business scenarios and enable companies to build and test a wider range of scenarios faster than ever before, fostering a market-driven approach to ensure more prosperous outcomes.


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