Digital Transformation Webinars

Corporations around the world have trusted FICO to bring our unique expertise to guide their Digital Transformation.

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About the series

More than 70% of the companies trying to achieve Digital Transformation – despite collectively spending more than a trillion dollars – have failed to achieve their transformation goals, evidence that they and their strategic partners are still climbing the transformation learning curve.

When your company is trying to outrun Digital Disruption, the trial-and-error, learn-on-the-job approach wastes something more important than budget: it wastes valuable time, giving your competitors a huge head start in their race to out-transform you.

Major corporations around the world have trusted FICO to bring our unique expertise to guide their Digital Transformation efforts. FICO has a proven track record in helping clients not only achieve their transformation goals, but to outpace their traditional competitors and would-be disruptors. We’ve worked side-by-side with our customers to tackle some of the most daunting Transformation challenges imaginable, resulting in demonstrated, documented ROI.

For businesses setting out on their journey, FICO’s Digital Transformation educational Webinar series shares the secrets of a successful Digital Transformation, in an easy-to-follow educational format.  Starting with the first episode, “Digital Disruption: Are you a disruptor or a disruptee?” we help companies progressively learn where they are at risk for disruption, and how to successfully embark on their own digital transformation initiative.  The Webinars are free, but registration is required.

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