AI, ML and Advanced Analytics

Advanced technologies for differentiating your business, beating the competition and winning new customers.

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Value of AI, ML and Advanced Analytics

Many organizations today have made investments in trendy topics such as data lakes and AI. The hype of big data and deep learning is alluring, however more than half of predictive models fail to make it into production (53%, Gartner) and there is not only widespread lack of repeatable artificial intelligence ROI in the industry, but ethical risks and danger to corporate responsibility that are more pressing than ever.

We face these challenges head on, with a different and more sustainable approach that is made possible by specialized and powerful advanced analytics and machine learning that are deeply ingrained in our decisioning platform and suite of applications. We take a highly refined approach to responsible, explainable and trustworthy artificial intelligence. It’s not only the right thing to do, but a critical element of how we operationalize analytics and drive optimal business outcomes.

How FICO delivers AI, ML and Advanced Analytics

A complete approach for responsible AI and ML differentiation

In addition to tools for predictive modeling, we deliver a complete enterprise approach that spans a platform, suite of applications and high value services so you can rapidly adopt AI in whatever way works best for you.

To succeed in the age of the customer, organizations need today need to establish a strategic learning loop that spans customer understanding and profiling, strategy generation, agile experimentation and simulation, and real-time customer engagement at scale. This centralized system of differentiation is your competitive edge to power digital transformation and empower both business and data science teams in your organization with 360-degree customer insights, and the agility they need to win.

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Benefits and Components

A collection of smart algorithms, methodologies, services and systems that use math to create new business and human value.

Data Pipelines and Profiling
Orchestrate disparate data and gain a 360-degree view of the customer so you can not only gain deep insights but put this data into action.
Predictive Modeling
Leverage patented advanced analytic and machine learning algorithms to detect the signal in the noise and deliver advanced analytics at scale.
Responsible AI
Remove data bias, build resilient and robust models with the xAI toolkit, establish proper governance with blockchain, and monitor models for drift to ensure an ethical and efficient approach.
Mathematical Optimization
Balance competing priorities with high performance solvers and algorithms to simulate outcomes and achieve the best results.
AI, ML and Advanced Analytics Solutions

Powering intelligence across the FICO Portfolio

Core AI, Machine Learning and advanced analytics capabilities are available both as standalone offerings and embedded in platform. We find analytics are most powerful when put in context of the business problem you are looking to solve. Learn more about our AI-powered solutions:

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The only customizable, centralized development and deployment analytics platform that enables multiple stakeholders to collaborate and rapidly create, validate, and launch multiple optimization models as powerful applications
AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics
Optimize your customer interactions and supply chain with market-leading technology.
With 60+ years of pioneering work in predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, FICO powers our solutions with the most advanced science available.
Category Leader in AI for Financial Services
Leader in Digital Decisioning platform
Risktech: #1 Innovator 3rd consecutive year

How can enterprise AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics help your business today?

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