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Value of Cloud

Cloud computing provides a tremendous number of benefits including time-to-install and time-to-revenue. Without having to rely on IT to purchase, install and ultimately manage compute resources, businesses looking to outsource infrastructure can quickly get up to speed with their solutions and, ultimately, leverage benefits like flexible budgeting, and pay-as-you-go, while also getting guarantees on service levels and security.

Companies rely on FICO solutions to manage every stage of the credit lifecycle and other mission-critical business processes. To help them deploy these solutions quickly and safely around the world, FICO provides a complete, integrated platform that can be delivered through a fully managed cloud service, providing the highest levels of security, scalability, compliance, availability, and flexibility. By managing infrastructure, applications, operations, and solutions, FICO cloud managed services empower you to focus on what matters most: innovation and business results.

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How FICO delivers Cloud
Cloud computing has dramatically evolved software deployments and IT requirements for most organizations. Gone is the required time to acquire, architect, and deploy computing hardware, networking, storage, and security infrastructure before installing and configuring new software solutions. Companies big and small have moved to common cloud architectures and even deployed mission-critical software infrastructure in external cloud computing environments like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Recognizing the disparate IT infrastructure requirements of software deployments, FICO provides clients with the greatest amount of flexibility. FICO software largely provides on-premises, private cloud, or public cloud deployment options across its portfolio. Many of FICO's offerings have been rearchitected over the last five years to container technologies, making deployment, regardless of location, easier and faster. In addition, the FICO® Platform has been built to leverage Kubernetes technologies to provide for dynamic scale up or scale down of compute resources depending on SLA or transactional requirements as well as the ability to support hybrid deployments across cloud and on-premises locations.

Recognizing the unique security and regulatory requirements of the financial services industry, FICO has built its own private cloud infrastructure to support clients that want the benefits of the cloud without moving to public solutions. In any case, FICO supports the highest levels of security, audit, oversight, and compliance expected from our clients.

• FICO® Decision Management Suite provides a full complement of security, authentication, certification, and audit capabilities expected for a solution that was initially built for financial services. Security and trust are at the core of everything we do at FICO. To keep our clients’ data safe and private, we deploy industry-leading safeguards and continuously monitor our systems to provide 24/7 protection.

• FICO adheres to industry best practices in secure software development, embracing the PCI-DSS and the Open Web Application Project (OWASP) standards for development. FICO security complies with the standards of GDPR (Article 32), PCI-DSS, and ISO27001 both in its own cloud infrastructure and as a managed service on AWS. FICO conducts regular independent third-party audits to assess compliance with security standards.

• FICO's solutions are supported by a set of core identity and access management services that regulate how people log into all solutions through an easy single sign-on (SSO) capability. Access management includes the processes and technologies used to create, validate, protect, and disable user account passwords. FICO also supports privileged access management and multi-factor authentication.

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Process millions of transactions every month and tens of millions of credit applications
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