Network Analytics

Uncover hidden connections in your data.

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Value of Network Analytics

Uncover connections that indicate networks of criminals

Automate the evaluation of hidden connections between entities such as transactions, applications, and organizations in your data to understand where relationships exist. Leverage machine learning to interpret those connections to detect fraud, money laundering, terrorism, and organized criminal networks.

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How FICO delivers Network Analytics

Integrated network analytics

FICO’s social network analysis (SNA) capabilities are a core feature of our fraud and financial crime offerings — including KYC, anti-money laundering, synthetic identity fraud, and organized fraud ring detection. As part of the FICO® Platform, these network analytics can be delivered independently or integrated within FICO’s fraud and financial crimes applications, ensuring that hidden connections in data can be analyzed wherever they exist.

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Benefits and Components

How network analytics works

Gather disparate data
Bring data from internal and external sources together for analysis in a federated manner.
Uncover connections across multiple data source
Automatically scan across data sets to discover points of commonality across them that exposes hidden connections.
Match data that has been manipulated to obscure connections
Use advanced fuzzy matching algorithms to reliably detect where connections exist, even when data elements have been altered to hide them.
Understand risk levels
Derive advanced features from networks to provide indications of risk level in an analytical score whether looking for application fraud, transaction flows, or fraud rings.
Automate defense strategies
Segment data by risk profile and automate appropriate periodic scans for indications of bust out fraud or money laundering developing. Automatically apply appropriate referral strategies across credit risk, money laundering, fraud, and collections strategies.
Visualize connections that are several steps removed
Graph analytics allow you to see connections that have multiple degrees of separation, through second, third or more parties.
Prevent fraud
Uncover connections in data that indicates organized criminals recycling data elements across multiple applications and accounts they control.
Detect money laundering
Determine where networks of money-mules are working together by understanding the flow of money between accounts.
Uncover criminal networks
Use graph analytics to uncover criminal activity, including terrorism, by visualizing the connections between accounts, organizations, and individuals even when they are indirect.

Network analytics in action

By applying network analytics, a regional bank in North America identified over $15 million in potential fraud savings.
Regional Bank Stops Fraud Ring

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