The leading decision management platform that unleashes the power of analytics and AI to enable smarter business decisions at scale.

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Value of FICO Platform

Drive greater customer engagement and improve business results


The FICO® Platform enables enterprises to make better customer decisions by predicting, analyzing, and optimizing customer interactions in real time. It radically enhances customer experiences to help build engagement, loyalty, and lifetime customer value. The FICO Platform accelerates business success by reducing the time-to-value of new customer-optimized applications.

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How FICO Platform delivers

Connect data and advanced analytics components in one powerful platform

The FICO Platform brings together industry leading advanced analytics, decision modeling, and AI, in an open and extensible architecture.

It empowers enterprises to develop new analytically powered applications rapidly and cost-effectively. The FICO Platform supports standard tools and technologies so developers can focus their time and efforts on creating and quickly deploying business-enhancing innovations.

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Benefits and Components

One Platform. Endless Benefits. With the FICO Platform you can:

Choose the Best-in-class
Partner with the strategic leader whose breakthrough innovations in advanced analytics and AI are shaping a transformation in today’s forward-thinking enterprises.
Break Down Barriers
Share decision intelligence across organizational silos to make better decisions at scale.
Use an Open & Extensible Platform
Build and scale new applications on an open and extensible platform, using preferred technologies and integrating easily with legacy systems.
Realize the Benefits of Collaboration
Enable data scientists and business stakeholders to collaborate more effectively, empowering them to design decision models that will achieve optimal business results.
Optimize Data Sources
Leverage the vast amount of data an organization absorbs and transform those streams into real-time, actionable decisions that enhance the business.
Create a Learning Loop
Create an AI-powered learning loop that continuously improves decisions across the organization to stay competitive.
Operationalize Analytics & AI
Fully operationalize analytics and AI to enable the enterprise to respond to customers in real-time and make real-world improvements to business processes.
Accelerate Digital Transformation
Unleash the power of advanced analytics and AI to transform consequential decisions across the enterprise.
Accelerate ROI
Accelerate time-to-value by quickly designing, deploying, and testing new decisioning applications.
Manage Risk
Reduce risk by assessing and managing decisions with the most sophisticated data analytics and predictive models available.

Enable analytically powered applications

Get your AI projects out of the laboratory and into product across your organization with an open and extensible architecture. Our platform empowers you to rapidly build new AI and Machine Learning powered applications rapidly and cost effectively. This is achieve by supporting standard, open source tools and technologies.
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Don't take our word for it

FICO has been recognized by independent analysts and thought leaders for our deep advanced analytics and machine learning expertise and innovation in decision management. Check out a sampling of our accolades:
Forrester Digital Decisioning Platforms
Chartis Innovation Winner
Fortune 500 companies use FICO

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