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FICO Xpress Optimization & Xpress Insight Virtual Training

October 14-15, 2020

FICO Xpress Optimization & Xpress Insight Virtual Training

In-Depth Training from FICO SMEs


Date: October 14, 2020 - October 15, 2020

Time: 12-5pm EST (1-hr break from 2-3pm EST)

Are you in an operations research or data scientist role and want to become an expert in FICO Xpress Optimization and Xpress Insight? Register for this web-based training session and receive classroom-style instruction from our FICO experts.

Prerequisites: This course is not available for students or academics; you must be a commercial user of FICO Xpress. For the virtual training, you'll need an internet connection and a working Xpress Community License (including Insight) - available for download here.

Required Skills: You'll need a basic understanding of algebra and familiarity with standard Windows applications.

Course Overview: This course familiarizes attendees with optimization models and techniques, as well as the terminology used to describe them. Participants will gain an understanding of the Xpress Optimization Suite, the Mosel modeling and programming language, and Xpress Workbench. Through a series of projects illustrating applications of the LP and MIP methods, students will learn to implement optimization models using Xpress Optimization Suite. This course also covers Xpress Insight, a web-based platform for turning analytics into business user applications. Xpress Insight enables operations researchers and data scientists to configure optimization apps that empower business users to investigate, analyze, and compare different scenarios.

Objectives: This 2-day course enables participants to:

  • Formulate, implement, and solve Linear Programming (LP) and Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) optimization models
  • Deploy models using Xpress Insight
  • Describe problem solutions
  • Analyze infeasible problems
  • Solve multi-objective problems
  • Define common standard model formulations and MIP formulation tricks
  • Create applications with customized views using Xpress Insight

(Note: course content subject to change)

Day 1 Day 2

9:00-11:00 PT;  12:00-2:00 ET
Modeling with Xpress Mosel

9:00-11:00 PT;  12:00-2:00 ET
Deploying Mosel/Python Models

  • Overview of the Xpress Optimization Suite
  • Introduction to Xpress Mosel
  • Linear programming basics
  • Optimization and debugging
  • Accessing data sources
  • Data-driven models
  • Introduction to Xpress Insight
  • Preparing the Mosel (or Python) model
  • App structure and iterative development
  • Designing views with View Designer
  • Uploading, loading, running, and managing apps

12:00-2:00 PT;  3:00-5:00 ET
Modeling with Xpress Mosel

12:00-2:00 PT;  3:00-5:00 ET
Deploying Mosel/Python Models

  • Xpress Mosel language features
  • Developing large-scale models
  • Recognizing and handling infeasibility
  • Mixed integer programming (MIP) basics
  • Advanced MIP formulations
  • View Definition Language (VDL) features
  • Custom views and visualizations
  • Advanced VDL topics
  • User authorities management
  • Xpress Insight advanced app development


We hope to see you there! If you have any questions, please email Hugh Allyn at


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