Financial Services’ Trends for 2023 Webinar Series - Data Monetization

Data Monetization | 14th of April, 2023 | Register Now!

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About the Webinar Series

Banking, financial services and fintech industries are evolving to better meet customers' needs, business goals, and regulatory demands worldwide. Business momentum and an increasingly competitive environment requires businesses to adopt new technologies that strengthen customer engagement and improve satisfaction.

If your business doesn’t scale - you fail. Simply scaling isn’t enough though; ensuring relevance of the scalable solution is just as critical — to do this you must stay on top of the latest industry trends and technologies.

FICO has done the research to help make this easier for you.  We wanted to find out how exactly top financial services companies will approach increasing their efficiency and adopt new technologies to give them the competitive edge through 2023 and beyond.  We have organized a series of webinars deep diving into the hottest topics for fintech and financial services in 2023:

About Data Monetization Webinar

Optimization is an important buzzword, relevant to almost every industry.  Increasingly however, it’s ever more critical for Financial Services businesses. 

In this webinar we will explore what mathematical optimization means for businesses in the financial services, banking, fintech, and financial trading industries. 

FICO, as a pioneer in constraint-based optimization technology, is in the best place to not only explain why optimization can be a key differentiator for financial services businesses but we will share how to take industry best practices from some of the biggest companies in  Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Retail, and Transportation, and how they use and deploy Optimization technologies to strengthen and differentiate virtually every aspect of their businesses.

Join this session and discover how optimization can dramatically improve a financial services bottom line, both for mission-critical decisions and an optimal customer engagement.

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