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Unleash the power of analytics and AI to enable smarter business decisions at scale.

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One platform. Myriad Benefits.

How have leading organizations radically enhanced their customer experience? By predicting, analyzing, and optimizing customer interactions in real-time to make better customer decisions. This accelerates business success by speeding up time-to-value, and is made possible through leading advanced analytics, decision modeling, and AI brought together into an open and extensible platform. Explore the benefits:

Discover FICO Platform
Partner with a strategic leader whose breakthrough innovations in advanced analytics and AI are shaping a transformation in today’s forward-thinking enterprises. FICO is the partner, advisor, and technology provider you can count on to shepherd you through the most important digital transformation your company is facing.
Share decision intelligence across organizational silos to make better decisions at scale and break down barriers between departments. To stay competitive, enterprises must consider centralizing decision intelligence as a key business imperative.
Build and scale new applications on an open and extensible platform, using preferred technologies and integrating easily with legacy systems with a comprehensive set of tools, services, and APIs. Using an open approach can cut your maintenance costs in half.
Enable data scientists and business stakeholders to collaborate more effectively, empowering them to design decision models that achieve optimal business results. This can reduce time to develop and deploy models by 90%+.
Leverage the vast amount of data an organization absorbs and transform those streams into real time, actionable decisions. The result is a more holistic view of your customers, and an ability to optimize decisions around customer and business processes faster than ever.
Create an AI-powered learning loop that continuously improves decisions across the organization to stay competitive. Channel analytics, AI, and machine learning to automate decisions and make your organization smarter, one customer or process interaction at a time.
Fully operationalize analytics and AI to enable your enterprise to respond to customers in real time and make real-world improvements to business processes. The FICO Platform enables customers to bridge data and analytics with sophisticated decision models to solve specific business problems and reduce manual work by 50-75%.
Unleash the power of advanced analytics and AI to digitally transform consequential decisions across the enterprise. Build analytic-powered applications on a single enterprise platform to automate smart decisions and optimize business processes across the organization—designed for any industry and for any process you want to improve.
Accelerate time-to-value by quickly designing, deploying, and testing new decisioning applications. Building on the FICO Platform enables you to design and deploy decisioning applications quickly, accelerating the time it takes from product concept to realizing the application’s value. This can result in a 20:1+ ROI for decision management.
Assess and manage decisions with the most sophisticated data analytics and predictive models available that increase efficiency and improve compliance in highly regulated industries. This can result in up to a 40% increase in decision accuracy.
Digital Transformation

Powering Digital Transformation

FICO Platform provides the ideal decisioning foundation companies need to successfully achieve digital transformation. Glean unprecedented insight into your customer’s immediate and future needs by eliminating data silos and enabling interoperability between your enterprise applications.

Only three in ten companies are successful in implementing digital transformation. FICO Platform, coupled with our unique deployment expertise, has helped companies around the global achieve their transformation goals.

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Digital Transformation Webinar Series
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American Banker: Executive Survey on Digital Transformation
Architecture and Services

Enabled analytic-powered applications

Get your AI projects out of the laboratory and into production across your organization with an open and extensible architecture and platform services. FICO Platform empowers you rapidly build new AI and Machine Learning powered applications rapidly and cost effectively. This is achieved by supporting standard, open source tools and technologies.

FICO Platform


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Foundational Services

A core set of services designed to orchestrate when and where to access underlying data, analytic, rules or optimization services as part of an application workflow.
Services that deliver service and application lifecycle management including strategy simulation, change management, maturity, A/B testing, and reporting functionality for providing oversight on model and services effectiveness.
Services allow users to connect to, ingest, and wrangle data and allow customers to seamlessly connect to and ingest 3rd party data for use in the platform.
Refer to places of decision-specific or solution specific storage. This is how we enable storage all of the assets associated with applications that you can later reuse in the future.
Refer to services to connect to, access (or purchase), and use specially designed services or application services as part of a larger solutions workflow or executable.
These represent any offer that negotiates or provisions or provides specific service access dependent on provisioning or authentication rights by a user.
Services delivered by the platform are designed to manage and leverage the underlying resources dedicated to the applications and applications / services execution.
Services delivered by the platform provide secure access, protection, and administration of the data, applications, and users of the system. FICO uses a “secure by design” approach that is inherent to everything we do.
Services that provide the underlying access services that are seamlessly managed or utilized by the platform and platform services & applications.
Services that include Spark, Storm, and Kafka that underpin the Platform execution layer. These include model and rules execution as well as streaming analytics, ML execution and other unique model-specific execution services.
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Industry Recognition

Don't take our word for it

FICO has been recognized by independent analysts and thought leaders for our deep advanced analytics and machine learning expertise and innovation in decision management. Check out a sampling of our accolades:


Forrester Digital Decisioning Platforms


Chartis Innovation Winner

All top 10

Fortune 500 companies use FICO


Partnering with innovators for success

We love working with the change agents, the innovative minds, the bold leaders that are not afraid to challenge the status quo and reimagine their business in the age of digital transformation. Learn more about some of the folks we’ve worked with.

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"The key to modernizing analytics is to make decision-making models part of day-to-day business practices. FICO fits that role perfectly."

Ken Elliott, Global Director of Analytics

Hewlett Packard Enterprise


What attracted us to FICO was the way that the functionality could all be integrated into a single platform.

Ravi Shah, Senior Vice President for Enterprise, Architecture and Strategy



We now have a platform that can seamlessly integrate augmented machine learning, predictive analytics and human expertise.

Hans Lenk, Director of Business Analysis & Data Insights

Grupo Fleury

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"We have improved our marketing efficiency, response rate and customer satisfaction, by changing from universal marketing campaigns to personalized marketing campaigns, with FICO’s world class decisioning technology."
Jinqiao Yu, Director of Technology

China Minsheng Bank


With FICO, we moved decision making from the hands of IT to business users who are industry experts and know what customers are looking for.

Rohan D’Souza, Vice President of Technology


Customer Success

Driving results around the world

FICO Platform is helping organizations across industries to make better decisions that drive outstanding business results and an amazing customer experience. Learn more about specific customer experiences by clicking on logos below.


Thought leadership

What challenges are organizations solving with AI? What kind of analytics are leading banks using to innovate? What do customers expect today for digital interaction? These are just a few the big questions we have been researching. Check out some of our market research to help you navigate how best to create customer value.

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