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User Groups

User Groups

User Groups and Pre-Event Meetings

Monday 9:00AM – 3:00 PM

Registration is free to FICO World attendees, but restricted to users of Analytics Workbench, Financial Crimes Studio, Scorecard Pro, Decision Tree Pro or Model Builder.

Are you a user of FICO’s analytic tools? Whether you are a modeler developing scorecards and strategies for customer decisioning or a data scientist researching and exploring different ML techniques, this is a session designed especially for you.

• Hear directly from the FICO product management team about our vision for analytic tools – not only the tools, but how they integrate with the other components in FICO’s broader decisioning platform
• Get an in-depth review of FICO’s Explainable AI (XAI) R&D efforts and our XAI Toolkit
• Learn how Cognitive Analytics is being applied to use cases ranging from Anti-Money Laundering to Healthcare
• Engage with leaders of FICO’s data science and product management teams
• Network with other users

Agenda to include:

• The Vision for Analytic Tools at FICO
• Analytics Workbench Review
• Decision Trees – Create greater value from your predictive models in data-driven strategies
• Scorecards – Untangle the influence of prior decisions with reject/performance inference
• Financial Crimes Studio – Apply advanced machine learning to outsmart the bad guys
• XAI Toolkit – Unlock the complex behaviors lurking inside random forests, boosted trees and neural nets
• Discussion: What does it mean to be explainable at your organization?
• Introduction to Cognitive Analytics at FICO
• Operationalizing Your Models – Which model deployment option is best for your use case?
• Introduction to the FICO Analytic Tools Community – a valuable resource only a click away We look forward to seeing you at this specially designed one-day event for users of FICO’s analytic tools.

Monday 9:30AM – 4:00PM

Cost to attend: $299

Are you new to scoring, new to automating credit decisions, or newly responsible for credit risk management? This daylong Credit Boot Camp is a perfect introduction to the basics and urgent factors influencing decision making today such as online lending, digital banking, regulation and fraud. We will address fundamental topics from a business perspective, looking at how scoring models and decision technology can support data-driven decision making at each stage of the credit lifecycle.

Topics covered in this event include:

• The Credit Customer Lifecycle
• Fundamentals of Scoring
• Data-Driven Originations Decision Making
• Data Driven Customer and Portfolio Management
• Data-Driven Collections and Recovery
• Fraud Defense Across the Credit Customer Life Cycle

We recommend this event for managers, directors or VP’s who are interested in incorporating scoring into their operations or those who want to tune up their knowledge before attending other FICO World sessions. This fundamental content is also valuable for new underwriters and analysts at all lending institutions.

Monday 9AM – 5PM

Elevate Your Analytic Edge in Customer Management.
Previously called the TRIAD and ACS Customer Forum, this one-day free event is specially designed for every day users of TRIAD, ACS and Strategy Director and will be held one day before FICO World begins. Discover the collective strategy ideas presented by our experts and your peers as you learn, collaborate and network. We'll uncover solutions to urgent challenges in customer affordability, IFRS9 and CECL, treating vulnerable persons, outdated analytic strategies, and accelerating digital transformation.

Download the Customer Management User Group Agenda

Register early - seating is limited. No cost for this User Group for FICO TRIAD, ACS or Strategy Director users. Continental Breakfast and Lunch will be served. For questions or to submit a session proposal contact

Monday 8:00AM - 12:30PM

Nearly all organizations invest heavily in technology and people dedicated to protecting sensitive systems and data under their care. In support of these efforts, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) directorate of Security and Technology, has invested in advancing cyber security R&D in order to protect both public and private infrastructure from an expanding range of cyber threats. The underpinnings of this research now serve as the foundation of the FICO Cyber Risk Score, an empirically-derived three-digit score that reliably forecasts the risk of data breaches and other high-impact security events. This session will articulate what you need to know about predictive cyber risk analytics, how they’re used in security scoring, and why you can’t afford to “ignore your score”.

Please join us for this interactive session and hear perspectives from FICO experts and cyber security industry colleagues on addressing challenges such as:

• Third-party risk management: Best practices in identifying and managing third- and fourth-party cyber risk exposure.
• Emerging risk and regulatory changes: Using security scoring to help address GDPR requirements and consumer privacy concerns.
• Machine learning: How empirical data analysis can be used to quantify cyber risk.

Monday, November 4, 2019 8:00AM – 4:00PM

Do you collect and/or recover debt using FICO® Debt Manager™? This one-day event is designed just for you.

Join fellow credit issuers, agencies, government offices and FICO C&R experts for a day of technology presentations, streamlined process innovations, upgrades and more. Network with industry experts and peers and learn tips and shortcuts from other Debt Manager users. Navigating in a digital, data-driven world is a challenge! The Debt Manager User Group Forum will help you use the platform to strategize and execute efficiently and successfully.

There is no cost for this User Group for FICO Debt Manager users.

Download the Debt Manager User Group Agenda

Questions? Contact or

Monday 8:00AM – 3:30PM

Attendance restricted to authorized attendees.

Join peers from across the globe to discuss the latest fraud trends and industry developments, strategies to balance fraud detection with customer demands for a frictionless experience, and best practice insights from global fraud engagements. You’ll also hear about upcoming enhancements to Falcon and be able to share feedback. This is also a unique opportunity to engage with FICO’s data scientists and fraud consultants as well as network with other Falcon users. Join us for this specially designed event for Falcon users.

Monday – Time TBD

Attendance is restricted to invited partners only.

Join peers from across the globe to catch up on the latest partner updates. Learn how FICO is working closely with Partners (Resellers, System Integrators, ISVs and OEMs) to extend its reach in the market globally and across industries. You’ll hear about our increased focus on partners including best practices and successes. This is a unique opportunity to engage with FICO’s partnership executives and support teams and network with fellow partners. Please join us on November 4 for this event for existing and prospective partners.

Monday 8:00AM – 4:00PM

Join industry leaders, practitioners, thought leaders, and subject matter experts for a day of in-depth insights on pricing innovation across industries. In this interactive and engaging Pricing Forum, we’ll explore three key questions:

  1. Where should you be pricing?
  2. How do you implement the right pricing…and get it to the right customer at the right time?
  3. How do you execute and present pricing to get the desired behaviors and reactions?

Hear from leading organizations around the world as they share pricing use cases, best practices, and lessons learned. Network, engage, challenge, collaborate, and walk away inspired and ready to innovate.

NOTE: Registration for this forum will be considered a request for attendance. Because the number of seats we are able to provide is limited, we will personally reach out with formal invitations.

Monday 9:00AM – 4:00PM

The FICO team is dedicated to transforming the enterprise to a place where artificial intelligence and human intelligence come together. That’s why we developed FICO Xpress Optimization to combine the power of machine learning with best-in-class optimization technology and give users the ability to put solutions in the right hands, faster. Business users are enabled to shift gears from making decisions based primarily on “what was” and “what is” to exploring “what-ifs” that lead to game-changing innovations.

The FICO team invites those interested in discussing transformational approaches in using prescriptive analytics, mathematical modeling and optimization tools to join us for the 2019 FICO Xpress Optimization Forum.

This immersive one-day event will include:

• The Future of Optimization – Keynote presentation
• Business Solution Overviews – Frameworks to accelerate model building and deployment
• Real-world Optimization Case Studies – Supply chain, manufacturing, financial services, logistics, transportation, energy and others
• Application Creation and Deployment Made Easy – Showcasing FICO Xpress Insight
• Meet the Experts Roundtable
• FICO Xpress Optimization Product Updates

Attendees will experience Xpress Optimization first-hand, including the unique power of Xpress Insight, Xpress Solver and Xpress Mosel. This is your opportunity to interact 1:1 with the FICO team experts, ask questions, exchange ideas and network with current customers and other peers. As an added bonus, hourly consulting meetings with FICO team members will be available. Plus, breakfast and lunch will be included.

Who should attend:

• Current customers using Xpress Optimization technology
• Prospective customers who are evaluating Xpress Optimization technology
• Anyone interested in learning more about how prescriptive analytics provides better ways to solve the world’s toughest business problems