Omnichannel Communications

Intelligent and connected communication based on a customer’s contact preferences.

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Key Takeaways:


1. Collect and synchronize customer contact preferences all in one place to assess your potential customer needs and grow your business

2. Communicate across all available customer engagement channels, including voice, SMS, email, mail, call center, and more.

3. Seamlessly offer payment reminders, re-payment plans, special programs payment portals, and electronic documentation exchange.

4. Never drop conversational threads when consumers switch channels, or after interruptions or delays.

5. More cost-effective than other methods.

Expanded Definition:


Digital, omnichannel communications help you connect with your customers across their financial lifecycle with their best interests in mind. Interactions are orchestrated intelligently across online and offline channels and consider contact preferences to reach customers efficiently.

An intelligent omnichannel platform can transform the customer experience and the rate of resolutions. As more customers become digitally aware, this allows businesses to develop a customer-centric digital journey.

What’s the difference between multichannel and omnichannel?

Although both multi- and omnichannel involve selling across multiple physical and digital channels, the key difference lies in how the customer experience is integrated across these channels. Unlike multichannel, omnichannel joins communication touchpoints so the experience is consistent and unified no matter which channel the customer chooses or moves between.


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Use Cases

Today’s consumers look for convenience and personalized treatment throughout their customer journey. Meeting customer expectations at scale — with enterprise-wide respect for contact preferences — is step one in the digital transformation.

Every step of communications matters and can be improved with onmnichannel communications, including: 


How It Works
  1. Manage decisions by leveraging predictive models, machine learning, and mathematical optimization. 
  2. Schedule intelligent digital communications when data shows your chance of success is highest, unrestricted by workforce shift capabilities. 
  3. Orchestrate communication strategies with different channel mixes, follow consumers if they switch channels, and measure results across channels. 
  4. Shift agents to more complex cases and questions requiring a human touch. Use intelligent digital communication for everything else. 

Improve customer service experience — make smarter, personalized decisions

Reduce costs — automate and streamline communications, including interactive dialogues 

Increase self-resolution rates — more efficiently allocate call center agents 

Additional Content:


FICO® Customer Communication Services provides a best-in-class omnichannel solution that orchestrates industry best practices strategies via multiple channels by sequencing communication from a single place. Seamlessly offer payment reminders, re-payment plans, a special programs payment portal, and electronic documentation exchange. And because Customer Communication Services never drops conversational threads when consumers switch channels or after interruptions and delays, you’ll be providing the fastest possible route to problem resolution in a compliant and respectful manner.

Plus, intelligent automated communication is more cost-effective than any other method because you’re able to allocate staff to handle the more difficult collection situations while Customer Communication Services handles the lower risk customers. 

Learn more about what’s possible to achieve with FICO® Customer Communication Services, including: 

  • 80% right-party contact
  • 79% self-serve pay or promise to pay
  • 93% kept promise rate
  • 75% collection dialogues handled automatically

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