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Create hyper-personalized customer experiences to build long-term, profitable relationships - all powered by FICO Platform.


Leadership and innovation

FICO is proud to be recognized by Chartis and Forrester.
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Pedigree and proven performance

FICO has more than six decades of experience working with banking and financial services customers. Put this to work to accelerate your digital transformation, get to market faster, and secure a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing consumer landscape.


Active US and Foreign patents


Of the largest US financial institutions are FICO clients

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Personalized customer experiences — at scale

Change is a constant - from your customers to your competitors to the global economy. The way you used to go to market and engage with your customers no longer work in this new world. Position yourself for success by leveraging all the data you have on your customers to get to know them. Use this knowledge to deliver personalized, compelling, and differentiated experiences and solutions. With 65+ years of experience pioneering data-driven solutions for the global financial industry, FICO is the ideal partner to help you take your digital transformation to the next level.

"We knew that by harnessing the latest AI and advanced decision analytics we could create an experience that would beat customers’ expectations and ensure they were treated as an individual."

Janaina Souza, Head of Consumer Credit Solutions

Industry Expertise

FICO has expertise across all aspects of consumer and small business banking.


Deposits are your gateway to profitable, long-term customer relationships. There has been increased competition with the rise of neo-niche banks that cater to specific populations and fintech’s offering specialized savings solutions. Now more than ever, banks need to use data to better understand their customers and analytics to surface insights to personalize their customers’ experiences to build trust and loyalty.  

FICO offers a number of ways to empower you to make smarter, personalized decisions to improve customer experience for deposits. 

  • Deposit pricing — maximize portfolio performance, accurately forecast liquidity, and increase customer satisfaction by leveraging industry-leading optimization and price- sensitivity modeling. 
  • Fee refund management — retain fee revenue, reduce costs, and deliver an outstanding customer experience with an end-to-end analytics-driven solution. 
  • Deposit overdraft management — make highly targeted, revenue-producing decisions that balance revenue, risk, and customer satisfaction to set ideal overdraft limits. 


FICO solutions offer a wide range of capabilities, empowering you to make smarter, personalized decisions, streamline operations, and improve the customer experience.

Application Fraud

Can you prevent first-party, third-party, and synthetic identity fraud and provide customers with great service?


ARM enables faster time to “yes” by approving loan applicants quicker, driving increased profitability, streamlining your operations, and reducing regulatory risk.

Collection & Recovery

Customer centric decisions to enhance collections and recovery efficiency, effectiveness, compliance, and customer satisfaction.

Customer Acquisition

Outshine the competition and reach new heights. Predictive analytics and enhanced customer onboarding give you the power to achieve portfolio growth while staying within resource constraints.

Customer Management

Your customers’ needs can shift in an instant. Monitor changes and develop real-time 360-degree customer views of account performance with FICO’s advanced customer management technology.


Attract and retain precious liquidity, grow revenue, and personalize experiences with precise, analytics-driven deposit strategies and execution.


Is friction interfering with your seamless onboarding experience and hampering your new customer growth?


Open more accounts, retain, and grow your customer base without increasing exposure to risk.


Why rely on guesswork when you can enjoy certainty?

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