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Acquire and retain profitable customers with ease.

Credit card
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typing on credit card with laptop
Man using credit card

Confident customer decisions

Competition for the best customers has never been more fierce. In this environment, every decision you make (and don’t make) — from marketing offers and pricing to portfolio management and collections — is of paramount importance. With the right analytics, customer engagement tools, and automated decisioning capabilities, your organization can compete with confidence, knowing that each next decision will be the best one possible.


Learn how FICO solutions can empower you to make smarter, personalized decisions, streamline operations, and improve the customer experience.


Create and grow new customer relationships by targeting the right prospects with the right offers through the right channels.

Account Opening

Deliver the fast, frictionless, digital-first account opening experience that today’s most profitable customers demand.

Credit Risk Scoring Solutions

Make more informed and profitable decisions using enhanced credit risk strategies.

Customer Management

Deliver better customer outcomes and a more profitable portfolio by identifying and executing the right actions at the right times.

Payments Fraud

Leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to stop payments fraud and give customers peace of mind.

Collections Management

Collect more while striking the perfect balance between operational efficiency and customer experience.


Plus years of analytics experience
Analytic and decision management patents
Percent of the largest US financial institutions are FICO clients

Better decisions

Build an end-to-end credit card lending infrastructure that gives your team the confidence to aggressively build a world-class portfolio.