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Energy and Utilities

Optimize logistics and forecasting to improve project economics.


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FICO helps deliver business results and better customer experiences for leading organizations around the world.

FICO® Platform optimization helped reduce the time and cost to develop and deploy analytics-driven applications by up to 90%.

See clearly through complex processes and across supply chains to spot cost-saving opportunities for performance improvement.


Make smarter decisions to streamline operations and improve customer experience.

Digital transformation in the energy industry is changing project economics and opening new opportunities to deliver more value to customers. From optimizing wind turbine locations or refinery schedules to telling consumers and businesses how to save money by discharging solar batteries at the best time, applying optimization rapidly identifies the best decisions. This helps you improve energy efficiency, increase energy savings, and effectively improve operational costs and strategy.

FICO® Platform is accelerating the already strong trend towards the wider use of optimization capabilities across energy operations. By putting the the power of data science in the hands of more business users, we’re making it easy for even nontechnical stakeholders to understand and act on analytic insights from massive amounts of data streaming in from IoT sensors, machines, and mobile worker devices.

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