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Insurance automation that drives smarter, faster, more profitable policyholder strategies and decisions.

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The platform of choice for the smartest insurance companies worldwide

FICO® Platform is helping top insurance companies worldwide deliver personalized, customer-centric experiences that dramatically boost policyholder satisfaction and retention. With industry-leading analytics imbued with proven AI/ML, FICO Platform helps the insurance industry connect and manage definitions, policies, treatments, and services to extend the customer experience and increase lifetime policyholder value. 

Real world improvements using FICO platform


personal and commercial line insurers worldwide.


of the top health insurance companies in America

of the top US personal lines insurers

Property and casualty insurance

Global events, natural and man-made, can obliterate insurance companies’ best-laid plans. The ability to make smarter, faster, more profitable decisions has never been more crucial to their success, and survival. For decades, FICO has led the way in helping insurance companies glean prescient, actionable insights from their data  to optimize their operations, claims processing,  decisioning strategies, and their policyholder experiences.

Case Study

Mercury Insurance

Leading insurer “democratizes” its decisioning platform for insurance underwriting
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    Industry Expertise

    Hundreds of insurers worldwide are turning to FICO Platform to help them make smarter, faster, more profitable decisions at every juncture… and then engage policyholders in a manner that improves both satisfaction and retention.


    FICO® Platform helps insurers excel at best-in-class, data-driven marketing to its key segments of customers and prospects across the breadth of their entire portfolio. It supports direct communications through all channels, as well as in-house A/B testing of products and messaging. This enables insurers to differentiate and target their marketing strategies to ensure the right message, to the right audience, at precisely the right moment for optimal outcomes.

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