The real pay-off from manufacturing digital transformation is pinpointing your best possible actions.

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How do you optimize your manufacturing operations?

Optimize your manufacturing efficiency and operations by using advanced analytics to mathematically balance multiple, even conflicting goals. Manufacturing optimization considers demand, operational and supply chain data, machine learning predictions, and operational constraints. It recommends the best choices among thousands of possible actions — in near real time. Simple UIs give the power to business users. This is how to fully leverage and create more value from your IIoT investments.
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Our leadership team has a vision for relying on advanced technology to find ways to reduce the resources we use and to find efficiencies throughout all of our internal processes. The optimization models we have applied have changed the whole paradigm of the supply chain.

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Why manufacturing leaders chose FICO

While our name might not be first to come to mind, FICO optimization powers PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, and other leading manufacturers (as well as Amazon retail, Southwest Airlines, BASF, and many more leaders in their industries). They chose FICO because our flexible technology can be widely applied to just about any type of optimization challenge and finely tailored to specific organizational requirements. No other provider matches FICO’s depth of expertise in both advanced analytics and operational decision making.
European CPG manufacturer achieved this annual savings by maximizing truck payloads and minimizing transportation costs.
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FICO Xpress Optimization Suite, big profits for its clients Honeywell

Ever wonder how Honeywell schedules big profits for its oil and gas clients?
Case Study
Case Study

Optimization Software to Evolve Plant Processing at Shell

FICO Optimization Software to Evolve Plant Processing at Shell.
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Case Study

Manufacturing Technology Centre

FICO optimization technology at the forefront of manufacturing innovation
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April 16, 2023 – April 18, 2023

INFORMS Business Analytics Conference

We invite you to join us in Aurora, April 16-18, 2023, to travel back in time to the frontier days of American history, while also looking ahead as we celebrate and explore the latest research and achievements in analytics at the 2023 INFORMS Business Ana

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