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Retail and E-Commerce

Meet the needs of the “always on” consumer across the retail customer journey.

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Optimize the customer journey to maximize financial growth, interaction, retention, and service fulfillment.

Retail digital transformation has accelerated to meet cross-channel customer experience needs. Become a market leader with more efficient business processes by optimizing the customer journey from in-store and retail touchpoints to consumer engagement and interaction.   

Rushing this transformation without strategic planning can have negative long-term impacts on the customer experience, leaving retailers with siloed channels and sizeable financial investments in technologies, such as personalization without measurable uplift. It can also lead to consumer distrust if you continue to misuse data to clutter inboxes rather than offer relevant cross-channel touchpoints and experiences. 

Success lies in blending customer analytics, data management, and decisioning technology that supports the customer expectation and retail context.  

  • Know your customer at scale
  • Unlock the value of customer journey data with analytics
  • Orchestrate a seamless retail customer journey with consistent customer touchpoints
  • Execute contextual experiences across channels to optimize consumer interaction
  • Personalization done right

    Is about combining diverse data sources, identifying patterns using analytics, and predicting behaviors in an efficient and scalable manner to improve customer engagement.
  • Use customer intelligence

    Across the business to automate the next best action for consumers and deliver seamless touchpoints with one consistent message across online and offline channels.
  • Test, challenge, and adapt your strategies

    Until you achieve the financial lift you want. Retailers partnering with FICO have seen a 25% improvement in spend, enhanced customer experience, increased marketing ROI, higher customer lifetime value, deepened loyalty, and increased profitability.
Case Study

Major Canadian Grocery Retailer

Builds Relationship Value by Systematically Learning What’s Relevant to Individual Customers.
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    FICO solutions offer a wide range of capabilities, empowering you to make smarter, personalized decisions, streamline operations, and improve the customer experience.

    Customer Acquisition

    Outshine the competition and reach new heights. Predictive analytics and enhanced customer onboarding give you the power to achieve portfolio growth while staying within resource constraints.

    Customer Communications for Customer Management

    Create seamless communication across the entire customer journey with a single enterprise platform solution.

    Customer Communications for Enterprise

    Intelligent digital customer communication management across the customer lifecycle.

    Customer Communications for Fraud

    An intelligent omnichannel digital customer communication management solution for low-friction, high-security fraud alert resolution.

    Customer Management

    Your customers’ needs can shift in an instant. Monitor changes and develop real-time 360-degree customer views of account performance with FICO’s advanced customer management technology.

    Enterprise Fraud Innovations

    More than 30 years of continuous, proven fraud-fighting innovation, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.


    Is friction interfering with your seamless onboarding experience and hampering your new customer growth?

    Pricing Optimization

    Personalize offers balancing business objectives and constraints for profitable, optimal pricing decisions that enhance customer experience.

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