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INFORMS Annual Meeting 2019

FICO Platinum Sponsorship


Date: October 20, 2019 - October 23, 2019

Location: Washington State Convention Center Seattle, WA

FICO will once again be a Platinum Sponsor of the INFORMS Annual Meeting. Stop by Booths 32-33 to talk with our subject matter experts in optimization, ML, and advanced analytics. Also, take a look at some of the newest applications available on our industry-leading Xpress Insight platform, including Supply Chain Solver, Forecaster, Manufacturing Solver, and Vehicle Routing Planner. If you'd like to set up a meeting or a demo with one of our experts, please email Hugh Allyn at Finally, come to one of our many sessions:

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Day: Saturday, Oct. 19th
Time: 4-6:30pm
Title: Calling all OR Heroes: Learn How to Model and Deploy Solutions in 75% Less Time with FICO® Xpress Insight

Join our hands-on workshop to experience how FICO® Xpress Insight helps you read data in any format from any source, integrates with your own machine learning and solvers (or Xpress Solver), enables collaboration with business users, deploys decision support or automated solutions in the cloud or on premises —and does it all in 75% less time.

Day: Sunday, Oct. 20th
Time: 5:15-5:30pm
Room: 67-S- Virginia
Title: Mosel 5: Next Generation Modelling and Application Design Features for Optimization Projects

FICO® Xpress Mosel 5 builds out its support of a dynamic and modular structure in the implementation of optimization projects, thus facilitating the collaboration of larger teams (often working in a distributed setting) in the development and maintenance of end-user applications. New features include dynamic handling of packages and the introduction of namespaces, also supported by enhancements to the development environment Xpress Workbench. Considerable performance improvements in the handling of large-scale data have been achieved through new data structures that are presented via examples.

Day: Sunday, Oct. 20th
Time: 5:30-5:45pm
Room: 67-S- Virginia
Title: Leveraging Cloud Computing For Solving Large Scale Optimization Problems Using Scaleable Algorithms

Large scale optimization problems often cannot be solved using standard mathematical modeling methods (linear/mixed integer programs) due to excessive run times and hardware requirements. In this study, we first demonstrate a generic methodology to develop optimization algorithms, which can scale with additional hardware to reach desired solution quality and run time. We next provide examples of how FICO Xpress-Mosel leverages cloud computing to orchestrate these algorithms.

Day: Monday, Oct. 21st
Time: 4:30-5:15pm
Room: 58a-CC- Chelan 1
Title: End-to-End FICO® Xpress Insight Tutorial: From Data to Decisions for Non-Technical Business Users

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how FICO’s Xpress Optimization solutions (including Xpress Mosel, Xpress Workbench, Xpress Solver and Xpress Insight) make it possible to embed your analytic models in business user-friendly applications. See how to supercharge your analytic models with simulation, optimization, reporting, what-if analysis, and agile extensibility for your ever-changing business. Plus, you’ll discover how to use the new View Designer to reduce GUI development times from minutes to seconds.

Day: Tuesday, Oct. 22nd
Time: 8:00-8:15am
Room: 26-CC- Room 4C-1
Title: Closing the Gap Between AI Methods and Better Decisions

With no shortage of capable predictive methods available to analytics professionals, why do so many organizations struggle converting all of that power to actually enable better business decisions? The answer may depend on the lens taken by project teams. This talk will center on putting the end game of better decisions in primary focus, aligning all efforts (data, methods and yes, even user adoption psychology) with that goal.

Day: Tuesday, Oct. 22nd
Time: 5:50-6:05pm 
Room: 40-CC- Room 609
Title: Session TE40 - Optimization, Continuous and Nonlinear Programming

We will present recent developments in the linear, mixed integer and non-linear programming solvers within the FICO Xpress Optimization Suite.

Day: Wednesday, Oct. 23rd
Time: 1:45-2:00pm
Room: 52-CC- Skagit 1
Title: How to Set Up a Race Between 16 Predictive Algorithms and Still Win

Come to learn how FICO analytics professionals worked with Grupo Fleury, one of the largest diagnostic medicine companies in Brazil, to develop a complete demand planning management platform. FICO® Forecaster now allows them to accurately predict their sales forecast using 16 different complex forecasting methods complemented by business knowledge, to perform management analyzes of past forecasts to help improve future forecasts, to estimate their unrestricted demand and know the potential sales that they could realize, and reduce their costs through more efficient resource allocation.

Day: Wednesday, Oct 23rd
Time: 3:50-4:15pm
Room: 15-CC- Room 303
Title: Removing Barriers to Deploying Models to Business Users For Faster ROI

Companies that have invested in predictive and prescriptive analytics are still experiencing high failure rates in deploying analytics that generate a positive ROI. Why build models if they never reach their intended users or aren’t the right fit? In this talk, we will discuss some of the barriers data science and OR teams face when trying to put their analytics into action. We will also cover how a collaborative approach with the right tools can help teams avoid wasted effort, while delivering advanced analytics applications to end-users at higher quality than traditional methods.

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