Check out the series of videos starring Jane to see how innovative financial institutions are successfully executing their digital transformation by delivering next generation customer centric interactions powered by FICO Platform.

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Digital Jane

Meet Jane. She’s a modern consumer (with high expectations) and she needs a bank that can keep up with her busy life. Watch this series to learn how leading financial institutions are successfully achieving digital transformation and delivering next-generation, customer-centric interactions via applied intelligence – all powered by the FICO Platform.


Jane is a valued customer. How can her bank make sure she knows she’s appreciated? Using Applied Intelligence, the bank determines that Jane would love a free coffee. Watch this video to see how her bank uses the FICO Platform to make this digital loyalty experience possible.


Insurance Quotes

Jane set up a Car Savings Account, which means her bank knows that she is looking to purchase a new car. Watch this video to see how the FICO Platform enables the bank to provide an exceptional customer experience by proactively sending Jane auto insurance quotes.


BNPL Purchase

Jane’s mom has a birthday coming up, so Jane decides to purchase her a new laptop as a birthday gift. Watch this video to learn how Jane’s bank can offer “Buy Now, Pay Later” at the point of checkout and how the FICO Platform made it happen.


Fraud Check

Jane’s friend is visiting from out-of-state and they get together for lunch. Her friend picks up the bill and her bank checks in to make sure there’s no fraudulent activity. Watch this video to see how the FICO Platform gives banks the power to keep customers safe and communicate alerts intelligently.



Jane decides to pay her friend for her share of the lunch bill. Jane uses her banking app, which sends money to her friend in a matter of seconds. Watch this video to see how the FICO Platform makes it easy for Jane to transfer money quickly and securely.



Today, Jane is purchasing a new car. The dealership finds an auto lender with an alternative deal structure that works for her budget, and Jane’s bank helps her insure her new ride. Watch this video to learn how the lender and the bank both use the FICO Platform to create outstanding customer experiences.


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