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Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Stop Application Fraud

Beyond the hype of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is the practical reality that these technologies provide the key to detecting fraudsters that are constantly evolving their strategies to breach your defenses. Whether it is i...


Operationalizing Your Advanced Analytics to Drive Business Value

If you’re like most organizations, you have piles of data at your disposal – but the real value comes when your advanced analytics can help you understand which action to take from the data. Operationalizing analytics empowers data scienti...


Reducing fraud losses with enhanced CNP models on the FICO® Falcon® Platform

The 2018 FICO® Falcon® consortium models (both credit and debit) contain new machine learning innovations focused on card-not-present (CNP) transactions. From a user perspective, you should be aware that the CNP performance improvements...


Managing Risk in Organizational Spending

Which is more risky to a university’s finances and reputation, the purchase of a $4 beer or $4,000 worth of cloud computing services? It depends on whether the funding source for the beer is subject to federal funding or grant rules pro...


Infusing Audit and Control into Organizational Spending

Universities and other large organizations process a high volume of diverse spending transactions — of which they’re often able to audit only a small percentage. Control over spending is limited because most infractions are caught long aft...


Fighting Financial Crime While Improving the Customer Journey

In an always on, digital environment, those involved in preventing financial crime are sometimes seen as an impediment to providing a smooth customer journey. Security and financial crime checks are vital to protect both customers and the ...


Social Network Analysis: Innovating in the Fight Against Fraud Rings

In today’s economy, individuals are looking for smarter ways to access capital. However, with greater accessibility to better and faster financial solutions comes greater risk. Fraud prevention and data science teams must stay agile, const...


FICO® Falcon® Assurance Navigator For Travel and Expense Management

Meet Ross. He’s a travel and expense specialist in a large university’s accounts payable department. Ross is a member of the team that reimburses professors, researchers and staff for travel and other expenses. He knows he plays an impo...


FICO® Falcon® Assurance Navigator For P-Card Management

Meet Sally. She’s a p-card specialist in a large university’s accounts payable department. Sally is on the fiscal team that ensures the university’s p-card program works well to support professors, researchers and staff who make purchas...


FICO® Falcon® Assurance Navigator For Invoice Processing

Meet Carmen. She supervises the invoice processing team in a large university’s accounts payable department. Carmen and her team are responsible for verifying and approving the continual flow of invoices from the university’s large, div...


FICO® TONBELLER® Siron® Embargo

In recent years, banks’ failure to meet embargo or sanctions obligations has led to record-breaking fines and even the withdrawal of a banking license. Keeping pace with complex, ever-changing regulations, exploding transaction volumes and...


FICO® Score Open Access for Credit and Financial Counseling Program

FICO® Score Open Access for Credit and Financial Counseling is a valuable program that enables credit and financial counseling providers in the US to share FICO® Scores for the purpose of providing financial counseling and/or financial educational services with their customers for free and with no additional score fees or program fees from FICO. Fast and easy to use, the program was designed specifically for credit and financial counselors to increase consumer understanding of FICO® Scores and their importance in everyday financial decisions.


FICO® Cognitive Analytics Emulates Learned Human Expertise

For decades, people have been fascinated by the notion of computers “thinking” like humans — an idea most often illustrated through movies and science fiction. Today, FICO’s Cognitive Analytics technology adds humanistic elements to our po...


FICO® Decision Management Suite for Insurance Underwriting

Insurance providers continue to deal with one of the most competitive and challenging periods in the history of the industry. Regulations are in a state of constant flux, customers are more willing to switch carriers than ever, and they ex...


Yarra Valley Water dramatically reduces application processing time with FICO® Blaze Advisor®

Yarra Valley Water's online portal for developers, easyAccess, helps expedite application approvals while reducing manual processes and freeing up employees to focus on more complex applications. easyAccess has been around since 1995; howe...


FICO & NAB – Banking on Automation to Improve Customer Engagement

Learn how National Australia Bank, one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia, auto-resolves 75% of delinquent conversations with customers while maintaining their posture as a leader in customer care.