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Real-Time Payments Modernization

This FICO-led session will discuss how to effectively leverage machine learning analytics in Retail Banking and Commercial payments. We will provide an overview of how Artificial Intelligence is used to overcome data limitations and the ra...


Creating Applications from R and Python

Across industries, data scientists are creating powerful models to solve urgent business problems. 85% of the time, however, the models don’t reach the intended business users. The result is wasted time and effort, which jeopardizes the ul...


Innovators in the Digital Transformation Era

It’s one thing to know that technology can transform the way we do business, but hearing real examples of the ways companies are actually doing this can be downright inspirational. This ebook is a compilation of some of the stories that...


Operationalizing Analytics: Advanced Analytics for the Intelligent Enterprise

With vast amounts of data at your disposal, it can be challenging to understand what to do with it, how to apply analytics and how to pull insights. To further complicate this challenge, understanding which action to take and why — and com...


Send customers on marketing journeys aligned to expectations and risk

Effective marketing requires financial institutions to have a precise understanding of customers. After all, how else can you deliver relevant offers? Imagine your favorite cafe where the wait staff recognize you, know your favorite table ...


FICO® TONBELLER® Compliance Solutions

All financial institutions, regardless of size, face the same compliance requirements and regulatory hurdles. For many institutions, these duties continue to consume technical resources and administrative overhead costs. For small institut...


Improving Your Use of Predictive Scoring in Early- and Late-Stage Collections

Identifying collection treatments that are most likely to be successful for each customer is critical for collection organizations with limited resources being asked to do more with less. Out of your delinquent customers, who will self-cur...


African Bank: Relaunching, Reinventing

African Bank took a huge step in 2016 by restructuring and relaunching itself. Now, it is set to move from its traditional lending structure – including credit cards – into one that more resembles retail banking.


Using Machine Learning and Alternative Data to Originate the “Right” Customers

Many organizations are still trying to find the right strategy to identify the “right” customers to originate – a strategy that enables you to maintain a risk level that is desired for your portfolio. Organizations also need to ensure that...


FICO® Analytic Cloud — Secure by Design

Our cybersecurity mission at FICO is to deliver the very best data security, customer and subscriber protection through innovation, adherence to stringent standards, and a team of world-class professionals. Security and trust is at the ...


Q&A with a Decision Hero Fernando Donati Jorge, Sr. Director Product Management, FICO

What Makes a Decision Hero? When it comes to managing their decisions, companies want to uncover opportunities, solve hard problems, innovate creative solutions and ultimately create value. A decision hero makes this happen by looking at p...


Vendor Analysis: FICO

Chartis Research is the leading provider of research and analysis on the global market for risk technology. It is part of Infopro Digital, which owns market-leading brands such as Risk and WatersTechnology. Chartis’ goal is to support ente...


Network International rolls out AI-based FICO fraud solution to issuers in the region

Dubai: Network International, a leading payment solutions provider in the Middle East and Africa (MEA), has successfully rolled out the FICO® Falcon® Platform, a real-time fraud solution which uses advanced analytics and intelligence from ...


Telco Research Report: Smart Analytics Pay Dividends Across the Customer Lifecycle

FICO commissioned an independent research study by TM Forum to look at how global telecommunication providers are using (and plan to use) machine learning and advanced analytics to improve the customer experience in credit risk and beyond....


FICO® Decision Technologies

Drive smarter, precise and consistent decisions across the customer lifecycle, powered by your business users Data-driven decisions are becoming strategically important to a company’s success at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Compa...


Medscheme Overhauls Its Claims System to Deliver Better Strategies

Client: Medscheme, South African healthcare administrator and health risk management company Challenge: Update its existing claims management capabilities and improve the agility, efficiency and effectiveness of the system to respond qu...