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Ever wonder how American Airlines runs the largest airline in the world on the leading optimization platform?

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In a day and age where many airlines are in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, American Airlines consistently implements incremental improvements throughout their business to better align safety, efficiency, crew and flight performance and customer satisfaction. What’s their secret fuel for success? FICO® Xpress Optimization. American Airlines teams apply machine learning, statistical analysis and prescriptive analytics (powered by Xpress) to their most compelling, often conflicting business challenges. When the difference between selling a couple of seats or not can make or break the profit picture, the airline is able to model the complexity of their business to achieve significant uplifts in areas such as dynamic pricing, weather disruption recovery and maintenance routing. Combined with frequent enhancements to the Xpress software, including access from business teams to run scenarios and carry out what-if analysis, American can retain their edge and their reputation as a global leader. Download the American Airlines case study now and learn how you can gain an extra edge in the airline, transportation or hospitality businesses with Xpress Optimization.

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